Budget Day, Shoot in Ahemdabad, Happy Holi

This week has been a roller coaster , right? First the coverage of the cricket matches. I think the world had stopped for so many when Sachin’s double century was on live TV. Alyona told me that the shopkeepers were not keen to attend to their customers that afternoon! And many offices were too silent, because they were logged onto cricinfo. More constructive happenings today with the Budget being announced. I am so happy for the 60% of tax payers who are relieved with the announce ment of tax rate cuts by Pranab da in the Lok Sabha today. It was a long overdue and will make tax compliance more realistic. You can check with me next year that the tax collection will be much higher than what it is this year.

Today was the last day of induction programme with Mr. Hassan Mechmechani who had come down all the way from Baharain. We gave him a farewell and handed him all the soft and hard copies of the programme. His last visit was to The Yellow Chilli, Powai to understand the working of the buffet menu. He was very impressed with the turn out for the lunch at the restaurant.

Will be in Ahmedabad on Sunday to shoot Matla Undhiyo in traditional style and thought that while I am there why not go to some landmark food places and focus camera in places such as Vishala, Rajwadu, Sarkhej Raza, Bhatiyer Gali, Mehta Chawana Shop, Sabarmati jail….

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a long happy weekend with Holi holiday being the most fulfilling and fun filled with friends and family. Some goodies for you to cook on this festival – feather light Poha Idlis, kid friendly Corn and Cheese Dosa, easy to make Rose Sandesh.

Sanjeev Kapoor.

Doing things zara hat ke

Came back from Jaipur quite late last night. Had a live demo of recipes like Fruit kebab with teriyaki sauce and Kathal ki Biryani. The event went on well and everyone enjoyed the kebabs and biryani.

So much has been happening in the trial kitchen too. Some exclusive recipes like Tandoori Paneer Tikka Makhni and Three Pepper Chicken Chettinaad have been under evolution. Today have an induction meeting for the upcoming restaurant in Bahrain and the special pot in the kitchen will present a white based Chicken and Vegetable Stew with Garlic Bread, Fish in Thai Green Curry sauce with steamed rice, Paneer Makhni, Three Pepper Rice, Tossed Salad and finish off with straight-from-the-oven Walnut Brownies. Yummy!

Yesterday had time to read the newspaper at length and came across a small boxed item by a student counsellor who writes about exams being a party with the first question being the welcome drink, the second being a starter and the third onwards the main course! I somehow like, rather love, his comparisons. I think a person who can think in terms of food for everything in life is just my sort! Anyway, cooking and food is a passion with me and just as an artist finds a canvas and paints irresistible, for me creating new dishes and doing things zara hat ke for food are irresistible!

As I wind up, some tasty offerings from the special zara hat ke pot: Very Low Fat Brownies, Pudina Paneer, Palak Tikki with Soya Granules.

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.

Live show in Pink City Jaipur, fulfil your food wishlist

Flying out to Jaipur early tomorrow morning to participate in an event organised by UNESCO in association with NERDT and the Indian Food Ministry. The venue is Entertainment Paradise. Well, at this point I do not have the event timings but I am demonstrating some recipes in a live show for sure. So it’s Jaipur, February 24th, Entertainment Paradise. Let us meet.

I have been asked many times how I am able to maintain my weight loss over the years. I am sorry but one cliché does come to mind! What gets measured gets improved. Try it. Write down all the things you eat in a day. And number them. In the case of someone who wants to lose weight, then a long list is alarming and one gets thinking as to why did I eat those two biscuits just then, why did I drink one more cup of sugary tea just then??? People on a diet are strictly asked to note down their consumption of the day and then it is not the input of calories that matters sometimes, it is the reason for eating that particular food at that particular time. This leads to whole new reflection on emotional eating but more of that later!

So what gets written also gets done! I have this habit of writing my to-do list every single morning. If I have the time, I do it the night before. If there is a long list that seems absolutely undoable (especially travelling in Mumbai from one end to another!) then we look at solutions and get the meetings done at a mutually convenient place or in my office then. The idea of a to-do list is to get the feeling of achievement and also to get the work done! Alyona has a different list: things to buy or shop for that day. My daughter has a different list: portion to cover today for the upcoming board exam. My colleagues and subordinates have another kind of list! And the best part is that all of us have one thing in common always: a wishlist!!

Coming to wishlists, food always looms large. Don’t you say, oh I feel like having a creamy pastry today, or some chaat from the roadside or then something as simple as hot rotis straight off the tawa! All these wishes can be easily fulfilled….keep logged on to www.sanjeevkapoor.com and enjoy the recipes and be inspired to cook at home.

As the month seems to be rolling to an end, let us shape up the kitchen for some snacks for Holi. Try out Pichkari Thandai, Chocolate Golgappe, Palak ki Chaat.

Till I write again on my return from the Pink City!

Sanjeev Kapoor.