Greetings from Spain

Right now in Spain for the Indian Future Leaders’ Programme, and totally loving it! It’s a beautiful place and the weather is simply lovely. Reached yesterday and already finished an informal meeting with the ILFP’s Foundation team and all the guests were taken on a guided tour around Madrid’s City Centre. Today, in a few hour’s time, we will be having a working breakfast and then a look around, with a visit to an art gallery. This will be followed by meeting with the Director General, for North America, Asia and Pacific from the Foreign Affairs Department at the Spanish Ministry.

Early evening today we have an audience with HRH Prince of Asturais in La Zarzuela Palace. Later on, a grande dinner of tapas with Spanish Flamenco performance at Casa Patas!

 What lies ahead for us tomorrow, at this very enriching IFLP, I will share with you at this time tomorrow! We have a packed schedule from May 28 to June 1. My dialogue with Chef Carme Ruscalleda has been rescheduled to Thursday May 31 as Friday will be devoted to lots of visits to various universities. So look out as I build up on my Spain trip in these spaces!

On Friday May 25, it was Innovation Station – Season 4 at the office, with the theme ‘Indian Regional Cuisines’ and I happened to catch just a tiny glimpse of it as I had to catch a flight to Spain that night.

There were four teams with two chefs each and all of them put their best foot forward to cook as innovatively as they could. Chef Rajeev Arora of Hilton Hotels did his best to give a judgement based on degree of innovation, presentation and taste. And the results are:

 Winners – Chef Jaaie and Chef Nisha with their dishes Bread Medu Wada Sticks with Ridge Gourd and Red Capsicum Chutney (Starter), Crab Rasam with Steamed Rice and Fried Appalam (Maincourse) and Brown Rice and Mango Payasam in Chocolate Cups with Jamun Jam (Dessert).

 Runners up – Chef Anupa and Chef Sheetal with their dishes Kesar Amla Sherbet (Beverage), Zunka Bhakri Tartlets (Starter), Maashi Medley – Fish Rolls Kalvan, Bombil Mille Feuille, Kolambi Pilaf (Maincourse), Veeda Chocolate – Chocolate stuffed with Paan ka Veeda (Mukhwas) and Double Decker Modak with Jaaswand Sauce (Dessert).

 Congratulations to both the teams for their efforts, I just wish that I was also there to experience all the innovative khana!

 The same day had a cover photoshoot in the office premises with ace photographer Bharat Bhirangi and designer Sameer Madye for the upcoming book ‘Tiffins.’ Did manage to give some great shots and the book will be a bestseller I am sure!

 Let’s try some Spanish greats today!

 Paella Marinera


 Pizza Frittata

 Till I write again

 Sanjeev Kapoor

‘The Yellow Chilli Cookbook’ wins International Award!

Just in is a great news which makes me feel proud again and I want to thank my team alongwith our publication partners Popular Prakashan who never hesitate to put up a great show like this – the book Sanjeev Kapoor’s The Yellow Chilli Cookbook has been honoured as the winner in the Cookbooks: International category in the 2012 International Book Awards. Check out the link for complete list of winners and finalists:

Vacation mode over as I will be catching a direct flight to Kolkata tonight from Singapore for the Sweekar Media Conference. Quite thrilled as I will be doing a cooking demo with the Sweekar product alongwith the bangla beauty, the famous actress, Rituparna Sengupta. My visits to the City of Joy have always been exciting and awe-inspiring as I just love this arty place, with its warm and cultured tradition and people. Not to forget, the absolute awesome food to go with it.

Next in the loop will be my visit to Spain, as I return from Kolkata, for the event in Casa Asia where I will be meeting famous Chef Carme Ruscalleda to have a round table conversation on “Culture and Food”, under the aegis of the Indian Future Leaders Programme (IFLP) on June 1, 2012. During this trip, I will also be travelling to Valladolid for a Master Class on June 2, 2012 at the International School of Cooking, where I will be interacting with a lot of students and renowned chefs. The following day  will be sightseeing in the historic city of Valladolid and just after that my return to Mumbai via Madrid.

And Innovation Station is back in office! It is Season 4. The chefs are all busy wracking their brains and coming up with the best of cuisines this time for the theme ‘Indian Regional Cuisines’ for the competition scheduled on May 25, 2012. Our judge is Chef Rajeev Arora, Executive Chef, Hilton.

The book on Tiffins is at its last stage of designing with the final cover and I must say it’s quite an amazing piece of work, so highly recommend you get it as soon as it’s out! Alongwith this, the designing of the book on Chocolates has also started, some exhilarating first copy designs I’ve seen and I foresee a great product with this one as well!

As I pack my bags and get ready, let me share some Bengali recipes with you this time…

Chhenar Payesh


Till I write again

Sanjeev Kapoor

Vacation mode…

Enjoying to the fullest in Singapore with my lovely family. Next halt is Malaysia. It’s always great to have these mini vacations in between work to revitalise the entire mind and body, only to return with maximum energy and a fresh mind for more and more work. I will highly recommend all my fans and followers not to forget to take these breaks in between the hectic day-to-day lives!
Back in office, my team wrapped up a successful photoshoot yesterday with ace photographer Bharat Bhirangi and his team, for an upcoming campaign. A dozen of recipes were prepared and plated as beautifully as they could have been to get some amazing clicks.
Alongwith this trials are continuing for a new restaurant concept. The book on Tiffins is in its last stage of making. Designer Sameer Madye was in office yesterday to give final touches to the book with our editore. The book is shaping out very well. A must check when it is out!
Also, FoodFood is having some events lined up with Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi around May 20, 2012 and later this month.
Not much for now and ending by sharing some Oriental recipes as I’m here in this part of the world…
Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor