Just another day at work…with a touch of fun and masti!!!

The entire KKPL team
In this season of IPL, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazana members planned up a Box Cricket Session in the office premises. “Khana Khazana Premier League (KKPL)” as it was termed, took place on May 31, 2011 where everyone decided to indulge in a cricket match in full spirits, leaving aside the work for sometime!
The office studio was transformed into a pitch where all players practiced as well before the actual matches took off. As it is rightly said, that there is a kid in each one of us, so was it experienced in KKPL – each and every member was excited as a kid to play and win.
Excellent teamwork was demonstrated by all the four teams namely ‘The Challengers’ headed by captain Rajeev Matta, ‘The TT Kings’ headed by captain Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, ‘Khazana Knights’ headed by captain Satyaki Mukherjee and ‘PAASMA Tigers’ headed by captain Chef Anupa Das.
Match 1 was between The Challengers and Khazana Knights, of which the former team won and qualified for the finals. Match 2 was between The TT Kings and PAASMA Tigers where the latter won to play the finals against The Challengers.
The Challengers finally emerged as winners beating the PAASMA Tigers in a neck-to-neck match. The former team players no doubt played really well, but not to forget, the performances of the latter team is equally worth a mention. All the players gave a tough fight to each one of their opponents. The winning team was awarded the Khazana Hampers which consisted of various goodies.
All in all, this game of cricket, which is loved and enjoyed by one and all, ended with the right sportsmanship and just the apt mood. Each Khazana member entertained and performed with the right feel. The entire studio was filled with fun, excitement, relaxation and music. Finally, the team spirit shown by all was celebrated with coffee/tea and some yummy sandwiches!
Way to go Khazanaites!
With the summer heat pacing up, it’s time to gorge on those sinful icecreams. Here are some of them…
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

Give importance to tadka

Came to know about the training session in office on food costings, analysis and its implications conducted by our COO Rajeev Matta. They have video recorded it and so I too will get a chance to brush up. In fact, with the rising food prices, all these mathematics become important and carry a lot of weight when you have to make business decisions. Like the wise say, knowledge is important, you never know when you might need it!

I have met up with a couple of Spanish chefs and they were curious about the Indian method of tempering the food. Well, did you know that whenever we fry seeds and pulses in oil and add to cooked food, what happens exactly?

Apart from the distinctive flavour it imparts, tempering has many healthful aspects to it. First, essential fatty acids have to be supplied by the diet because the body cannot synthesize them. Fats used in tempering, particularly the vegetable oils, contain these fatty acids, as do ingredients like mustard seeds, cumin seeds and black gram dal. Besides, the vitamin A, D, E and K, found in foods like green leafy vegetables, carrots and cauliflower, are soluble in fat, and can only be released and utilized if some fat is also available at the same time. Tempering meets this requirement too. The carotene in curry leaves is also automatically transferred by this process. Many vegetable oils used in tempering are, additionally, rich in vitamin E. Further while pungency is associated with mustard, few are aware that this results only when mustard seeds are ground with water or vinegar. In hot oil, mustard seeds taste unquestionable nutty.

All this talk has transported me back home, and I can actually visualise garma garam ghar ka khana!

Am missing

Punjabi Kadhi


Gujarati Kadhi….all these taste better with appropriate tadka.

Till I write again

Sanjeev Kapoor.

Time for Celebration

On Saturday the scotching heat of the sun did not seem to bother the Spice Routers. I am on holiday with my family in Spain and missed out on all the action, fun and excitement of the BCL tournament.

Rajeev Matta (COO) was there with entire team from our office to cheer the team. Rajeev participated actively in the commentary box and was accompanied by his wife, son and daughter to cheer the team. The semi-finals was against the LEONS and we won the match comfortably and were off to the finals. The final was played in the evening and the team geared up for it in the break.

The final was against Print Services and we did well by restricting them to 57 runs in 10 overs. They could clear the boundary only twice in the entire inning! Bowling and fielding were superb.

Shashi played his natural game again giving a very good start. Two consecutive sixes were enough to accelerate the innings. Saurabh was a cool anchor. Captain Pawan played a powerful innings and we reached our goal sooner then required with more than two overs to spare. On the whole it was an entertaining Saturday! Sashi was also awarded the Man of the series and Hurray! We won the trophy.

With all this celebration mood, how about trying some sporting, powerplay recipes like Mango and Banana Milk Shake with Mixed Fruits, Baked Chicken Sausages and beat the heat with coolers like Iced Tea, Mango Magarita

Till I write again,

Sanjeev Kapoor

Yesterday was probably a day that I will remember for a long long time. The formal launch of The Yellow Chilli in Ahmedabad. It is likely that I underestimated the love for food that Amdavadis nurture! I was overwhelmed by the media’s enthusiasm in covering the Press Conference yesterday afternoon. I was impressed by the way my team had things working like clock work all through the day. I am sure there were many a tense moment behind the scenes, the creases smoothened out by Rajeev Matta (COO), Saurabh Saxena and Jahid Inamdar. Thanks all and kudos to you. I am sure there were around seventy media persons who addressed their queries and answering them took more than a couple of hours! A short rest period and then it was time for the evening party which was graced by eminent personalities of Ahmedabad. I had a chance to have extensive conversations with Mr Vimal Ambani, IG, DGP and Commissioner Police, Mr Chonas of Havmor, representatives from Zydus, and columnist Esther David.
The food? Well, we had the tables really spread out! Most of the menu items were presented and the sweet tooth of Ahmedabad was truly and magnificently pampered with Chocolate cake, Mango cake, Gulab-e- Gulkand, Fruit jelly, Badam Halwa.

As visions of such great desserts come before you, let me share some more desserts here.

Mango souffle, Chocolate Mousse, Very low fat brownies.

Off now for the live demonstrations at The Kitchen Show (I am in Bengaluru!)…

Sanjeev Kapoor.

Time off, Launch of The Yellow Chilli – Ahmedabad

Hi this is going to be a short note as I am on holiday with family…a long pending one. We had been wanting this break, albeit too short, ever since the kids finished their exams.

Have been travelling a lot and the day after that is 28th April, Wednesday will be in Ahmedabad at The Yellow Chilli, 1st Floor, Heritage Square, Opposite Atlanta Tower, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad – 380 015 for the opening and press conference.

This is the first The Yellow Chilli restaurant in Gujarat, with distinction of being the first pure vegetarian restaurant of this chain. With a capacity of a hundred covers and a private dining area of twenty covers, The Yellow Chilli promises an exciting and different menu with an exotic buffet to be laid out daily. All in all a culinary delight not to be missed. Keeping my fingers crossed.

The press conference is in the day only for media post which there is an exotic buffet. In the evening an exclusive Page 3 party only for the who is who of Ahmedabad. They say it is the preparation that counts and it is so true…even a pilot checks all readings before take off! I am sure my COO and good friend Rajeev has his fingers on the pulse!

May will be exciting on www.sanjeevkapoor.com. We have salads, kiddie recipes (for kids and adults, cooked by kids!), chatpati chaats and mango in its various moods …loads and loads of foods that are appropriate for summer eating.

But April should also end with good food, right?

Cucumber with Chicken and Fresh Red Chillies

Paan Kulfi

Sweet Mango Chutney

Till I write again

Sanjeev Kapoor.

Khana Khazana enters 16th year

Had a restful weekend with two days off on Saturday and Sunday. Wound up late on Friday night what with the 15th birthday celebrations of Khana Khazana India Pvt Ltd that carried on well till 1.30 am.

It was a joyous moment to have the presence of all my closest business associates Harsha Bhatkal, Dipen Joshi and Kuntal Mehta at the party. It was a blessing to have my elder brother Rajeev present too. There were some warmth filled moments when the core team was felicitated with certificates and trophies for their long standing support and their vote of thanks gave me more insights into their thought processes. The recipients Rajeev Matta, Harpal Singh Sokhi, Neena Murdeshwar, Chetan Raval, Tripta Bhagattjee and Rohit Mangela have been with us for over nine years!

As the team of KK is a group of dedicated young chefs, we expected them to come up with something different! Well, Swapnil, Dilpreet Singh Kohli, Remya, Kavitha and Jaaie roped in Priyanka and Sitaram from Accounts and all of them put together a superbly choreographed group dance performance and it was an eye opener to see so many twinkle toes! As the fun began so did the DJ get into action and it was a couple of hours of enthusiastic dancing on the floor. It was followed by a grand dinner and finally made it home at 1.30.

So what are the plans for the new year? Loads! I will be revealing them at the opportune time and one thing is for sure…it is the love of my fans, my readers and viewers that has helped us come so far and these feelings will fuel us on for the silver jubilee celebrations one decade down the line!

As celebrations means good food and desserts how about trying these out? Strawberry Panacotta, Tiramisu Icecream Cake, Walnut Chocolate Fudge.

Till I write again

Sanjeev Kapoor.

Khana Khazana completes 15

I just received a little note of thanks from the All India Management Association for addressing their management students and young managers at their 21st Shaping Young Minds Programme held in Delhi last Friday. In all humbleness, my message was simple and I feel touched that my short interaction with the youth could give them some inspiration.

My organisation Khana Khazana is soon celebrating its fifteenth birthday! A decade and a half! After working solo and with associates I came up with my first office in Juhu, Mumbai in year 2000 and the people with whom I started are still working with me. Isn’t that fabulous? Neena, Rajeev, Harpal to name a few.

The core team of Khana Khazana of last 17 years is the same. My director cum Editor Girish Madhu still looks the same, no ageing at all! Same is with my production manager Atul Bhagat, Rohit and many more names from those years till now. I am blessed!

My first book “Khazana of Indian Recipes” and my first restaurant “Khazana” in Dubai happened in 1998, website ‘www.sanjeevkapoor.com’ came along as first few websites launched from this country. My associates with whom I began are still with us be it Zee TV, Popular Prakasham or my Restaurant associates.

Having a small get together for the team and it is going to be a memorable event coming Friday. I would like to thank all you food lovers for the tremendous support in keeping the Khana Khazana tradition alive. I have always cooked with passion and when you know that the person you are cooking for loves food just as much, is just as passionate about learning new recipes and exploring new foods, the enjoyment is doubled. I hope and look forward to more and more interaction with you so that we can know what exactly you are looking for and then provide the same to you.

One feature on the website allows us to highlight the Top Ten Recipes of the month. Simple chicken and fish preparations and potato snacks seem to be real favourites. To add to your recipe diary here are some more…Murgh Methi Malai (that is ‘just-like-the-restaurant’), Fish in banana leaves (brimming with healthy nutrients) and an amazingly simple aloo sabzi which we fondly call Potato Bhaji.

Happy Cooking these!

Sanjeev Kapoor