Rains, rains and more rains!

The untimely rains are really getting all of us in a surprising way! The continuous rains over the weekend have surely made the atmosphere chilly and lazy…
So, did the same at home as well! Saturday, had to go to the airport to see-off a few friends and as usual got stuck in the Mumbai rain mayhem on the roads! As I reached back home, caught up with two movies ‘Dum Maro Dum‘ and ‘The Back-up Plan’ and ended the day with Thai Curry and Rice for dinner.
Sunday was chilled out at home with the Kriti wanting to have junk food – so decided on to cook up a healthy junk meal for the lunch consisting of Chicken Burger. Rachita has reached Washington in US for the Global Young Leaders Conference, for which she left on Friday night. Later that day had my wife’s sister, Jyotsna and her son, Manit visiting us, so played with the little one and made Kachche Gosht ki Biryani for dinner. All of us enjoyed the dinner and just retired for the day!
Monday morning began with the FoodFood channel meeting in office. Also, starting with the Teen Patti shoot from June 20 onwards…so the team’s busy researching and suggesting me with new recipes for this time. Also, shooting for Hungama Digital Interface is happening today in office, for which, I need to speak on various introductory messages on each genre of videos and voice content that we make for them. This is then uploaded on various mobile platforms including applications.
Besides this, the office has become quite noisy with all the renovation work speeding up, and we have a 16 year old intern with us trying his hands on cooking up a meal – Dal, Chawal, Roti and Puri. While I gear up for the shoots, here’s something to feast on…

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

Watch the Racheal Ray segment here!

We have just received the link and I think you will all enjoy this….
Right now in Goa – off site with FoodFood channel team. Work combined with pleasure. Channel taken off well – numbers are good, so thought about taking a break and get rejuvenated for the challenges ahead. Alyona is here with me and will be joined by our elder daughter Rachita and Alyona’s elder sister Vandana and family. We will holiday together for three-four days. Kriti has gone for a trip separately with her friends.
Then I’m off for the first tour to Chandigarh – start of the 6-city Tour to promote the Maha Challenge. April 22 is Alyona’s birthday and a big bash to celebrate FoodFood Channel with business associates and friends from media. Need to do a lot of preparations for that.
One more shooting schedule for Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen begins towards the end of April and hope for many many episodes so that there is enough stock to last for the following four to five weeks as later we might be out for our annual long family holiday….how I love these, a chance for new ‘food adventures’ and a chance to pursue my passion for photography.
Food adventures – reminds me of some foods that could hold a surprise…

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor

Wonderful food, great scenery

Being on holiday does gives one permission to binge on food! We had lunch at a fancy restaurant called Can Fabes at Sant Celoni in Catalonia. A good 45- minute drive from our hotel. Grand and lovely seven course lunch (maybe there were more!). Alyona and I could do justice but not the kids. Can Fabes is recipient of 3 Michelin stars. We enjoyed some ravioli and pea soup. Kriti has every reason to burn off all the extra calories with her training that followed in the evening. It was a different venue called Calella (locals call it ‘Caleya’), a seaside town that has an ancient lighthouse overlooking it. Alyona commented she was transported to her Enid Blyton stories looking at the lighthouse!

We were a big bunch of people as there are other kids too training with Kriti and the twelve of us, kids and parents, drove down in a bus. Lovely scenes, lush green, along the way.

Saturday night we finally got the tickets for the famous Spanish Flamenco Show at the Castello Medival. Colourful to say the least…and very energetic dance sequences.
First they had some horse show and fights that were true Hindi movie style, a live band came on to play and last of all the Flamenco Show. As tomorrow Kriti does not have training, so going to Roses ( a place which is about 1 hour from here). We have a hired car and will drive down, lunch at a restaurant and maybe a bit of shopping…

Try some pasta and soup and be with us!

Mushroom and Cheese Ravioli
Minted Green Peas Soup with Corn Pearls

Sanjeev Kapoor