Wonderchef Workshop

Well, so what if the rains are late…life goes on and there is a lot of activity in the office with the first Wonderchef Workshop getting over today! Three days of buzyness…lots of demonstrations using the Ballarini and Pavoni Cookware. The new joinees are all enthusiastic about how easy to use and wonderful the whole range is.
We have enjoyed making Pan Lasagne, Chicken Flower Dumplings, Quesadillas and Mango Bhapa Doi! Multi cuisine at its best. The finale today are some Mixed Fruit Muffins which I will be making late in the afternoon, timing the final batch to come out from the oven coinciding with the hot cups of tea which are sure to do the rounds. That sounds lovely, doesn’t it?
Wonderchef is getting off the ground slowly and steadily and it is heartening to see people who enjoy cooking enhancing the experience with such excellent cookware.
Till I write again,
Sanjeev Kapoor.

Back in Mumbai

Good to be back in Mumbai. Had a hectic three days of official meetings in Malaysia…good discussions about some new businesses that are in the pipeline. People around me are complaining about the heat and the delayed monsoon, but as I say, enjoy the dry spell because when it is wet in Mumbai it is tremendously wet and then we start craving for the hot sun!

Busy next three days with a Khana Khazana shooting spell. Hope to can at least a dozen episodes and today is particularly interesting with food for fussy children, also recipes that can be frozen well, and some recipes that use coconut to advantage.

Off to the studios then, and hope to write regularly.

Till then

Sanjeev Kapoor.