Announcing the launch of new restaurant brands

Back from Thailand and ready to take on the whirlwind of work!
My latest focus is on redefining dining in India and to promote the Indian dining experience internationally. People often tell me, “We watch your show, but we really want to taste your food.” I believe this challenge of cooking for millions can be overcome by launching restaurants that will reach out to people. As food in India is synonymous with entertainment; people meet and bond over food. Keeping this in mind, we are creating a variety of experiences that range from the quality and ambience of a fine dining restaurant to experiential dining such as a new age Indian lounge. We are launching new restaurant brands like Signature, Sura Vie, Pin Yin Café and Khazana.
At the Signature chain of restaurants, we aspire to position it as the last word on Indian cuisine by maintaining an air of elegance. Sura Vie Lounge is purveyor of a definitive eclectic experience with a focus on live contemporary Indian music. It will be launched in the key metros with international comfort food specially crafted from the chef’s table. Pin Yin Café is a casual oriental restaurant with an all day dining/ cafe format that serves popular oriental dishes. It will provide substantial, high quality, competitively priced, meals in the mid-casual dining segment. The cuisine will be popular Oriental, with menu options that include familiar Asian dishes such as Thai Green Curry etc. Khazana can be defined as an upscale restaurant that serves chef-inspired Indian dishes that are redefined. The goal is to make upscale Indian dining accessible and affordable to families and young professionals and showcase the Indian dining experience to tourists and expats in a luxurious ambience. We are also offering franchising opportunity for Khazana, The Yellow Chilli and Pin Yin Café.
When I started my show on television it was the only one of its kind. Eighteen years on, Khana Khazana has become a household name in India and I have now launched my own TV channel. Managed to do so by packaging passion, dedication, energy and understanding of the consumer. Now my mission is to approach dining with the same passion and leverage our consumer insights to build world class restaurants globally.
Let me wind up with some dishes that always please me when I come home after a long stint of travelling.
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

Just another day at work…with a touch of fun and masti!!!

The entire KKPL team
In this season of IPL, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazana members planned up a Box Cricket Session in the office premises. “Khana Khazana Premier League (KKPL)” as it was termed, took place on May 31, 2011 where everyone decided to indulge in a cricket match in full spirits, leaving aside the work for sometime!
The office studio was transformed into a pitch where all players practiced as well before the actual matches took off. As it is rightly said, that there is a kid in each one of us, so was it experienced in KKPL – each and every member was excited as a kid to play and win.
Excellent teamwork was demonstrated by all the four teams namely ‘The Challengers’ headed by captain Rajeev Matta, ‘The TT Kings’ headed by captain Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, ‘Khazana Knights’ headed by captain Satyaki Mukherjee and ‘PAASMA Tigers’ headed by captain Chef Anupa Das.
Match 1 was between The Challengers and Khazana Knights, of which the former team won and qualified for the finals. Match 2 was between The TT Kings and PAASMA Tigers where the latter won to play the finals against The Challengers.
The Challengers finally emerged as winners beating the PAASMA Tigers in a neck-to-neck match. The former team players no doubt played really well, but not to forget, the performances of the latter team is equally worth a mention. All the players gave a tough fight to each one of their opponents. The winning team was awarded the Khazana Hampers which consisted of various goodies.
All in all, this game of cricket, which is loved and enjoyed by one and all, ended with the right sportsmanship and just the apt mood. Each Khazana member entertained and performed with the right feel. The entire studio was filled with fun, excitement, relaxation and music. Finally, the team spirit shown by all was celebrated with coffee/tea and some yummy sandwiches!
Way to go Khazanaites!
With the summer heat pacing up, it’s time to gorge on those sinful icecreams. Here are some of them…
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

Diwali sparklers at Khana Khazana

Decidedly a different Diwali out here! Not much veering away from the traditional celebrations of having loads to eat and fun things to do! Our HR leader Miti had many many tricks and treats up her sleeve and she let go of them one after the other!

First of all, a cookery competition with the staff being divided into teams . Theme – Innovative Diwali sweets or savouries…. There was extremely brisk activity in the kitchens with everybody trying to keep their ideas a big hushed secret! But it sure does not work in a work place like ours because everyone is very friendly…and helpful. So there were sweets and savouries set before me and does give a judge a difficult time in choosing the best? Always!

The prize was shared by two teams

Anupa Das with Tripta Bhagattjee


Saurabh Mishra with Priyanka Dubey

The dishes? First was the “Kesar Sandesh with Rajgira Crispies

and I also liked the innovative ‘Fête des lumières‘ made by the second winning team.

We were all thrilled to know that creativity got a new sparkle on Diwali day.

Next from Miti:


It was very simple. The staff had to nominate one of the Khana Khazana Member for the following categories. Who do you think resembles the following?

Rassi Bomb: – The most Hot character in the company in attitude,looks, work and talks – They nominated me!!!

Lakshmi Bomb: – The most Indian character in the company, very close to ideal – Vaishali Nikam (from accounts department)

Phuljadi: – Someone who comes across very lively, smiling and fun person – Chef Anupa Das (her laughter is contagious)

Rocket: – A person to whom you give any challenge, he/she can take it off the ground – Dilpreet Singh Kohli (a budding chef, youngest member in the Khana Khazana family)

Bhit Bhadaka: – Toughest nut on the block, very hard in-terms of sentiments, pressure and stress – Rajeev Matta (COO – Khana Khazana)

Fauwara (Fountain): – A person you feel who has highest potential to grow in this company- Dilpreet (way to go young man!)

Zamin Chakra: – A person who is down to earth, always ready to help- Vaishali Nikam (shy and quiet Vaishali seems to be opening up)

Time Bomb: – The person who is always punctual to work, first to reach office and last to leave – Priyanka Dubey (From Accounts Team .. always on time)

See, I told you we had a lot of sparklers at work! Wishing you all a fantastic day ahead replete with lovely sounds of laughter and aromas of good food!


Sanjeev Kapoor