Into the New Year!

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Yes, it’s 2013, beginning of the New Year – so here’s wishing everyone a very Happy and a Prosperous New year ahead! Hope this year brings good luck to everyone in all aspects, and for all those resolutions, let’s try and fulfill them in true spirits!

All dressed in black, had some fun New Year celebrations in the office on December 31 with exciting games and prizes and gifts, then there was the dance session which ended with yummy sandwiches and cakes made by the chefs of our office…and last but not the least, a surprise day-off to the office staff on January 1, 2013! While I shifted my own meetings to a suburban 5-star hotel. Thrilling and what a way to end 2012!

Now in Karjat for the technical shoots of Master Chef India Season 3, followed by the audition and actual shoots. A day filled with energy and enthusiasm with new and upcoming cooks-to-be! Karjat will be my next stay till January 6, 2013.

While in office, trials of some new recipes to go on are happening along with the usual round of Youtube shoots.

My own cabin in the office along with Alyona’s is currently unrecognizable. Yes, it is under renovation, hence I’m shifted to one of the cabins which is just at the entrance and everyone is surprised to see my face as soon as they enter into the office!

I always wanted large glass walls and windows to see the greenery outside, get access to my terrace garden and let a lot of natural light come into the rooms. That wish is finally taking shape now and hopefully it will get ready in time!

More to come…

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

Celebrations galore!



The countdown to the end of the year has already begun, so here’s wishing everyone a belated Merry Christmas – hope you all had a great time with fun, food, family and friends! Just a few more days left when we all will usher into the New Year – let us all make some realistic resolutions and complete them in full spirits!

We celebrated Christmas in the office with the colour theme of red and white and some surprise gifts for all from the Secret Santa. Unwrapping presents in any form is always exciting and it sure makes one a child again!

In Bahrain today for The Yellow Chilli’s first anniversary celebrations. Time really flies – its already a year since I had gone to open the store there. TYC at Seef Mall, Bahrain is no more an infant. People all over Bahrain visit and patronize this place.

Today, the day will begin with an interview at Your FM Studio, following that, a meeting and lunch at Sun City Venture’s new office with directors. Next in line will be the cake cutting ceremony and press interactions later in the evening and finally the day shall end with a Road Show at The Yellow Chilli store. It’s always ecstatic to be a part of any event related to TYC…and similar is the case with this one. All charged up for a great day filled with some amazing food, interactions with enthusiastic people and an exciting time!

After all of this, I have a morning flight to Dubai on December 28, 2012. Dubai has 3 restaurants of mine namely Options, Khazana and Signature. All doing well and creating waves…various events, meetings and trials lined up. A two-day trip and I shall be back to India on December 30, 2012.

Just after my return, will be again tied-up with the shoots of Master Chef India Season 3. The technical will happen on January 2, 2012 and then the actual shoots will begin. Meanwhile, in office, there is a round of shoots for Youtube with Chef Anupa doing videos for beginners. Keep a watch on our channel “sanjeevkapoorkhazana” to catch the easy recipes. Will keep on updating as and when more of the schedules unfold.

All set for today and more to come in the coming days…

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor


FOODFOOD heat is catching on!!!

A Happy New Year to you all! There is a lot cooking here, literally! We are shooting non-stop for a variety of food shows for the new channel and with the New Year bringing with it renewed excitement and energies; the level of enthusiasm is superbly high. I have spent a major part of my day giving a WONDERCHEF demonstration of the Gas-Oven-Tandoor which we fondly call as GOT. It is innovative, deals with many cooking techniques and is multi purpose equipment.
Saw the new book Wedding Collection, Recipes for the newly weds. I am quite certain that it is going to bring huge sighs of relief to many an aspiring cook, as also the newly wed bride who wants to impress everyone in her new home. The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, goes the saying, but in our Indian homes, we have to win over the whole family, isn’t it!
January also brings with it a lot of Marathon excitement! The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is just around the corner and my cause for the FORUM OF AUTISM is still inviting donations…the cheque has to be made in the name of United Way of Mumbai.
On our website, look out for lovely winter foods and also special festive recipes for Makar Sankrant, Lohri and Pongal.
As Mumbai still gets a gust or two of chilly air, let’s use some winter bounty for dinner tonight!
Sanjeev Kapoor.