Desserts & Mithais with Diet Sugar

As the long weekend ends bringing in a Tuesday that is so much like a regular Monday, my week’s schedule lies in front of me. I will be in Ludhiana tomorrow 30th Sept, at Park Plaza at 1 pm for an event organised for Diet Sugar. All of you who wish to learn how to use diet sugar in desserts and mithais are in for a treat!

The event is mainly for those who have a sweet tooth but face restrictions due to many reasons. I am going to tell them the use of alternate sugar which actually is a solution to this dilemma of theirs.

Diet sugar is available in the market but most of the people don’t know how to use and how much to use. Diet sugar in chemical terms is sucralose which to me is better than any of the other sugar substitutes.

It can be used for cooking, baking and it doesn’t leave a bitter after taste and you know the best about diet sugar is that it has been diluted for the purpose to match the quantity with the quantity of the sugar which you would have used otherwise or you can say one teaspoon of sugar is equal to one teaspoon of diet sugar.
I will be making few desserts with diet sugar. These desserts would be very simple ones made normally at homes just to give people comfort with this commodity.

Happy Cooking

Till I write again.

Sanjeev Kapoor

Innovations Indian Food Industry

It always interests me to know about the developments and innovations in the food industry and this Thursday had a fairly long meeting with an international food company which has approached me to find Indian applications for their revolutionary ingredient. Actually they gave me some choices and I have chosen the most difficult one as others were not challenging enough! I thrive on challenges and this is what keeps the mind, spirit and body well honed and alert.

Yesterday went in a photo shoot at home with Sahara Samay doing a feature on home interiors. It could be telecast sometime in the week post Dusshera. Then last day of the month I am traveling to Ludhiana for a product promotion.

As the Dusshera holiday approaches, the long weekend ahead seems like a good proposition. Will probably catch up on a few movies!

Happy Dusshera to you all. Hope you have enjoyed my Dusshera/Diwali delicacies telecasted on Star News today.

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

Workshop with Executive Chef Rajeev Basak

Had a wonderful morning watching Executive Chef Rajeev Basak create some absolutely marvellous dishes for my team’s developmental session! He was creating as he talked and cooked along and presented us with three amazingly flavourful dishes: Risotto with Pan roasted Vegetables served with Pepper and Tomato Coulis. The final touch was the Gorgonzola! Next he dished up Duet of Mushrooms with Salad Greens in Mustard Cognac Dressing and the finale, a grand flambéed finale, was the Banana Fosters. I could see that he takes great effort to present his dish, perfect to the T.

Chef Rajeev spoke at length about flavouring of food and enlightened us with his knowledge about spices, seasonings and how the tongue is finely demarcated with tasting points. We have not had a session as informative and as much fun as this in a long time…imagine, learning and tasting lovely food simultaneously. He has promised to give us his recipes! Rajeev Basak comes across as a cool guy as he has travelled extensively, starting his career with the Taj Group of Hotels and then got associated with the cruise liners.

Too replete to write any more. Till tomorrow then.

Sanjeev Kapoor

Book Launch in Trichy; Dinner at Sangeethas

It’s a good morning! Just back from Trichy after launching three new books Mushroom Mania, Noodles and Pasta, Tandoori Cooking @ Home. Last night was in the train from Trichy to Chennai and caught the first flight home from Chennai. Like always, thoroughly enjoyed the train journey as it has become a rarity for me now.

Sunday was hectic, good and packed with work and fun. I was in Trichy to launch the new books at a shopping mela, Utsav organised by Aura.

I took the early morning flight Mumbai-Chennai and call it tough luck or normal stuff, the flight got delayed – long enough to have me worried about catching the connecting flight to Trichy and being in time for the programme!  So, when I reach Chennai, a wee bit harried, I am relieved to see that the connecting plane is patiently waiting for me to board. Needless to say, we took off and my baggage followed subsequently.
The take-off for the new books too was eventful at Utsav. Handsome crowd of two hundred plus who had a volley of interesting queries. The whole event was very well organised, kudos to Mythily and team. I could see folks shopping with an enthusiasm that the festive season brings. Mythily saw my empty hands vis-a-vis the loaded ones of the others, and helped me pick up a lovely saree and handbag for Alyona. And soon we were off to what I had been looking forward to…tasting the food of Trichy!

My hosts, Mythily, her husband Mr. Ramanan, Mr & Mrs Rajesh and Vidya Madan, gave me a sumptuous dinner at Sangeethas and I think we managed to taste practically everything on their menu! As Trichy is also known as Temple Town we drove around on the well lit roads and I have clicked a lot of pictures. Will be visible on the website, blog, magazine and Facebook shortly. So a good work filled Sunday for me, and now back in office this Monday!

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor

"My Story Session" organised by the Mumbai chapter of TiE

It is indeed a humbling experience to talk about one’s early life. Yesterday I was at Sobo Central mall (where Crossroads stood earlier) at Haji Ali, for a  ‘My Story Session’ organised by the Mumbai chapter of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) – an organisation dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship leading to wealth and job creation.  I had been briefed to talk about my early days, my struggles and challenges and what finally helped me to achieve and succeed.

It goes without saying that success does not come easy.  One has to struggle and face challenges before achieving the target.  And yes one should always set a target for oneself for that is what gives you the impetus to strive to reach it.  I had my fare share of struggles and challenges.  After I passed out of the catering institute in the year 1984 I started my career from the bottom rung like every other catering graduate has to do even today.  I clearly recall the buckets of tears I have shed peeling and chopping kilos and kilos of onions.  My fingers have ached peeling mounds of prawns.  The hours we spent standing in the kitchen doing the various chores entrusted to us as juniors. So very often we went without any sleep and worked continuously for 3-4 days especially during festival time or during the marriage season when we had to cater to numerous banquets.  Sheer hard work, perseverance, resilience, dedication, concentration, honesty, passion and love for your work are some of the qualities that can take you up the ladder to success.

After that had to attend two more events. Did juggling, went to Grand Hyatt for Lakme Fashion Week and then rushed back to Mahalakshmi Race Course to see beautiful ‘Totes’.

I thoroughly enjoyed my drive back along the Haji Ali promenade. The dargah in the middle of the sea was beautifully lit up so was the path leading up to it.  It rekindled my fondness for the city.  Tomorrow is the launch of my latest book ‘Tandoori Cooking @ Home’ at Trichy, the city of temples. I do not think I will have the time to go sight seeing though I would love to! 

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor

New Books; Tandoori Cooking @ Home & Flavours of the Orient

Every new book fills me with a surge of excitement because there is bound to be some recipe that will make your family happy! Home cooking needs a touch of rejuvenation from time to time….in some homes weekly and in some, not so regularly. I feel that new recipes, in an easy to read manner and easy to follow format, will motivate anyone to try them out. Off to Trichy to launch my new book Tandoori Cooking @ Home which also has some tricks of using the good old pressure cooker to make tandoori stuff! Flavours of the Orient is crackling new, ready to hit the stands and ready to fill up your kitchen with some fantastic aromas.

Just yesterday I overheard Alyona chatting on the phone with her friend about the idea of having cooking as a subject in the school curriculum.

Hmmm, I think that really is ‘food’ for deep thought!!

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor

What had been on the anvil for long as finally taken off! Amchi Mumbai has its own ‘The Yellow Chilli’ at Powai! I have conceded to popular demand and so now Mumbai too has one TYC. Well, I had expected a lot of my close pals and business associates to attend the special launch party held on last Wednesday evening and they did not disappoint me! Dear friends like Hariharan with Lalitha, Shankar with Sangeeta came, so did Suhas with Deepa, Penaaz Masani, Javedbhai, Shobhaji with Bhavana Balsavar, Rohit with Mansi, Varun with Rajeshwari, Raju Shrivastava (who had us in splits) and Mona Singh…the list is long.  Please enjoy the photograph!

I would, of course, love you to try out the fare at TYC and give me your feedback after you have had a meal or two there. The portals are open for you at The Yellow Chilli, 2nd Floor, City Park Building, Near D Mart, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.

Foodies, some memorable meals await you.…

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.