Christmas recipes : more joy for kids

Christmas and kids are kind of inseparable! Be it the Christmas tree with gifts around it or the tinsel on the tree and around the house, or be it the cookies, cakes and sweets stacked up on the table, it is the perfect happy time for kids! Along with cookies, gingerbreadmen, even candy canes are used to beautify Christmas trees. These candy canes were first produced in Germany during the later part of 17th century. They were white straight sticks bent in to look like a shepherd’s staff and were distributed to children during the holy worship before and advent of Christmas. After year 1900, the candy canes came in striped formats with red and white colours and flavours of peppermint or wintergreen. Some people also hold the view that the J-shape was used from the initial of Jesus and red and white symbolised blood and purity.
As sweet things are doing the rounds in every household how does one serve something that is filling for the kids. Getting hold of Christmas Recipes becomes all the more challenging. It should not only be fun but have to fulfill the importance of a balanced diet as well. Adults have to satisfy the perplex taste buds of kids while keeping them attractive so that the kids consume it without any fuss.
Make some visually attractive snack mixes keeping in mind the festive mood. It could be caramel popcorn with nuts, or coated chocolates, or coated peanuts etc. Have a cupcake party where kids can decorate their own! Make Christmas cookies in unique shapes and write their names on it. Go for finger foods, baked, grilled or fried. Savoury things are welcome along with the sweet so many things! Chicken fingers, wraps and rolls with sprouts, vegetables, paneer, cheese, egg can be enjoyed. Sandwiches the all time saviours can be made more exciting too by using different breads, different fillings. Try using large cookie cutters to give innovative looks.
As the ideas keep flowing, stop a while and try out some tasty bits like Tricolour Sandwiches, Paneer Frankies, Macaroni Mazaa….

What’s healthy in today’s definition

We were at Landmark in Phoenix Mills on Friday for the launch of the new book Fun Foods for Fussy Kids. There was a question answer session and though it is difficult to narrate all that happened, let me tell you in a condensed form. The talk naturally veered toward what is healthy for kids. I have to redefine it as ‘what is healthy for kids today!’ Sure the lure of fatty foods like pavbhaji, pizzas, brownies with ice cream, cola floats, burgers and chips, fried chicken is very much present. If we deny the kids at home, they have means to go and eat out!! So the idea of the book is to give the kids what they want but stick to the basic fundamentals of healthy cooking. Yes, there are fried foods but foods fried in a known source of oil at home are not as bad as allowing them to eat (or even eating along with them) fried foods at fast food outlets. I have always stated that it is better to look underweight but be well nourished in your daily meals. Children who are over weight (height weight ratio according to age is a good parameter to calculate) are more likely to be less active than children who look thin and evoke pitiable glances from the other indulgent mothers. But let me tell you, sports people prefer to be on the thinner side…it gives them speed on their feet. Let alone kids, let us look at adults too. You can be fat and fit but then ‘fat’ is a definition that varies from country to country depending on the BMIs.
My point here is, let us feed our children the basic, the good ghar ka khaana. We ourselves have to deny ourselves the pleasures of fast foods. We ourselves have to set exemplary examples. I am proud to say that our daughters eat healthy meals at home and we also allow them to eat out with friends. We have to be alert and strike the right balance. The time is NOW.
In case you are wanting to look up some good recipes, let me share a few with you.
Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor

Jeet Gaye !

The cricket fever has caught up with Khana Khazana: we have our own team called Khana Khazana Spice Routers that will be playing the preliminary matches with other teams (a tournament being organised by Blue Sky).
Today we had one match and Alyona, Rajeev (COO) and myself had been there to cheer the team.
We played against the IOSians (IOS Relocations International). Some great instances of bowling and batting by my champion boys. As the match picked up, we all had goose bumps and our hearts were beating fast.. really fast.
We batted first and scored 50 runs in 6 overs. Then came the opponent team and it was war, we bowled them all out and we won the match by 22 runs today.
Indeed ! a splendid and wonderful afternoon spent with my proud team.
Tomorrow, there is yet another battle of cricket against a strong team and I am going to be there to cheer my Spice Routers. They have been practicing sincerely and I am sure we all are going to enjoy good cricket.
Let’s go for it boys ! has some lovely easy recipes for Mother’s Day that can be prepared by budding chefs. But in the worst scenario mothers can make this delightful kiddie stuff and bring joy and happiness to their young ones! You choose…also towing in line are some excellent Chinese stir-fries, noodles and rice recipes that will cheer up the daily menu to a great extent!

As is my endeavour always to give you some good ideas for the weekend, here goes: