From New York; Show with Rachel Ray

Been a busy few days! Alyona and children have joined me here and I sure am looking forward to our holiday and quiet family time together. 

Tuesday was exciting with my shoot with Rachael Ray for her show.  I had to give the audience something Indian, something real quick, and something that can use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The rice and prawn recipe was a great success. Check it out for yourself.

Check the One-Minute meal cooked on the show:

Straight from the studios went out for dinner with family to bring in Alyona’s birthday at midnight.
And now am on mail with my partners in Italy and India who are working round the clock to launch my new business venture Wonderchef. This has stemmed from my belief that given a chance all Indian homemakers would love to make a business out of their passion that is, cooking and talking food! I strive to make Wonderchef a meeting point for me with my fans, those who want to learn and earn and take up this business proposition. Wonderchef as a concept will teach those who are interested the art of cooking tasty and healthy food more conveniently using Ballarini cookware, utensils and accessories. I have personally chosen the Italian brand Ballarini as they have multilayer non-stick coating from Dupont US. They are unique in two aspects: they are cook and serve and as the handles are folding, they are easy to stack and store. I am inviting all ambitious people who want to be trained in Sanjeev Kapoor’s aspirational recipes using this top-of-the-line cookware.

For your enquiries, contact us at

Till I write again,
Sanjeev Kapoor