The world of Sugar Free products

Looking for a healthier, non-toxic and low calorie life without wanting to let go of the taste and feel of sugar? You know what you have to do! Yes, opt for Sugar Free products. And why? Because, with these you can enjoy sweetness in your food without adding extra calories. What’s more? It is absolutely safe to use and has been approved by WHO,USFDA and FSSAI. So, if you are thinking sugar, think of the range of products that Sugar Free offers – drops, pellets and sachets. We give you the details about each and how useful they are for your daily intake. Read on…PicMonkey Collage1

Sugar Free Natura Sweet Drops 

Handy, easy-to-carry and nutritious, Sugar Free Natura Sweet Drops are the perfect way to substitute sugar in your diet. With Sucralose in it, a non-caloric derivative of sugar, this is pretty much apt for a sugar aftertaste minus the consumption of all the excess calories. With a few drops, you can avoid about 500 calories every day! Not to forget, it can dissolve really fast, is easy to digest and has zero side-effects. The lovely mithais and refreshing summer drinks are waiting for it!

Sweetness meter: 1 drop of Sugar Free Natura Sweet Drops = 1 teaspoon sugar.

Sugar Free Pellets

Available in two variants – Sugar Free Natura and Sugar Free Gold – these little pellets or in simple language, tablets can do wonders to your sweet brigade while cutting down the calories! Sugar Free Natura Pellets contain Sucralose, has zero calories and is 600 times sweeter than sugar whereas the Sugar Free Gold Pellets are made of a protein derivative Aspartame, contain about 0.4 calories per pellet and is 200 times sweeter than sugar. So, when you want to have the fitter version of your tea, coffee and lemon juices – opt for Gold. And when you want to have the sugar free versions of your halwa, custard, ice cream, kheer and the likes – opt for Natura. Infact, the Natura pellets can also act as an alternative for jaggery used in cooking or baking.

Sweetness meter: 1 pellet of Sugar Free Natura/Gold = 1 teaspoon sugar.

Sugar Free Natura Sachets

Ideal for the weight conscious, diabetics and fitness seekers with a hectic schedule and busy life, these portable and easy-to-use Sugar Free Natura Sachets are the best buddies you can have to keep a check on the calorie intake without missing on the effect of sugar. As it is derived from Sucralose, it does not affect blood glucose levels, nor does it have an effect on blood glucose utilization, carbohydrate metabolism or insulin production. It passes through your body virtually unchanged, enabling you to enjoy sweet eats without a worry!

Sweetness meter: 1 sachet of Sugar Free Natura = 2 teaspoons sugar.

While, we cannot stop talking about the goodness of these products, we also need to keep in mind that they do not perform certain actions that sugar does. You cannot caramelise these products, they lack the browning, tenderizing and moisture retaining properties and baking results might not turn the way you want them to be. However, these foods last longer when refrigerated.

Now is the time for you to go the Sugar Free way!

Top 8 recipes with Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar.

Diet sugar pack

The harmful effects of sugar don’t stop at diabetes; it is also linked to a number of heart, liver and other related diseases. Most of the food we consume contain sugar in some form or the other. Even a couple of cups of chai or coffee with sugar a day contribute significantly to your calorie intake. Your first step towards a healthy and fit lifestyle is to keep in check the amount of calories you consume in a day. The Sugar Free range of diet products helps you do just that, that too without having to compromise on taste and the quality of what you eat.

Check out our 8 favourite recipes made with Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar that you can indulge without an inkling of worry!

Sugar Free Oats and ChocolateCookies 

Cookies and milk, a perfect happiness and comfort combination. When these cookies are made with nutritious ingredients like oats and come to you in a Sugar Free avatar the happiness just multiplies as does the number of cookies you are allowed to indulge in. Be sure to bake these delicious Sugar Free Oats and Chocolate cookies in a large batch because they get wiped out pretty soon.


Made with whole wheat flour, semolina, powdered sugar and mild spices this one is a classic Rajasthani dish eaten with dal and baati. While you can’t make this one without a good dose of ghee you can cut down the calories by substituting sugar with Sugar Free Natura Diet sugar. Sugar Free Natura being a heat stable product doesn’t alter when you fry these flour balls so it tastes just as good as it is supposed to and negates a large chunk of the calories.

Frozen Yogurt 

Frozen yogurt has built its reputation as a healthy alternative for ice-cream, but when you add a ton of sugar to sweeten it, much of this reputation is tarnished. Here we substituted table sugar with Sugar Free Natura Diet sugar to give you a dessert recipe that is truly healthy. We added blueberry compote to this batch but you can easily substitute it with any fruit compote of even fresh fruits of your choice.

Pumpkin Bread 

Baking a loaf of fresh bread is a kind of therapy in itself. This sweet bread made with refined flour uses Sugar Free Natura Diet sugar to bring out the sweetness of the pumpkin puree in the recipe. With a couple of minutes of kneading and just 20 minutes in the oven this earthy pumpkin bread is ready to eat. Also because it is completely free of calories and other ill effects of sugar you don’t have to restrict yourself to just one slice.

Tender coconut and Sago Kheer

Tender coconut flesh and pearls of sabudana cooked with milk sweetened with Sugar Free Natura Gold and finished off with a generous dose of pistachios, dates and almonds – this one is full of nutritious ingredients and satisfies your sweet tooth minus any guilt. It is a great recipe for any kind of festive celebrations.

Mango Burfi 

Made with buffalo milk, alum and fresh mango pulp this burfi requires plenty of tender love and care while preparing it but is totally worth the effort. The use of Sugar Free Natura Diet sugar instead of regular table sugar transforms these delicious reduced milk squares from a guilty indulgence to a brilliant treat!

Gajar ka Halwa

Ever thought you could make gajar ka halwa without any sugar but with all its sweetness intact? Turns out you can! In this recipe we used Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar as a substitute for grain sugar and the final product was as amazing as we expected it to be. Try it out and find out for yourself.

Tutti Fruity Cupcakes 

Made with Sugar Free Natura Diet sugar which is a completely heat stable product these delicious cupcakes are perfect for any age group and any mood. You can easily make several other types of cupcakes and cakes using Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar and be assured that the taste and quality of the product will be top notch.

Who said life without sugar can’t be sweet? Check out these and other equally delicious recipes made with the Sugar Free range of products on