Doing things zara hat ke

Came back from Jaipur quite late last night. Had a live demo of recipes like Fruit kebab with teriyaki sauce and Kathal ki Biryani. The event went on well and everyone enjoyed the kebabs and biryani.

So much has been happening in the trial kitchen too. Some exclusive recipes like Tandoori Paneer Tikka Makhni and Three Pepper Chicken Chettinaad have been under evolution. Today have an induction meeting for the upcoming restaurant in Bahrain and the special pot in the kitchen will present a white based Chicken and Vegetable Stew with Garlic Bread, Fish in Thai Green Curry sauce with steamed rice, Paneer Makhni, Three Pepper Rice, Tossed Salad and finish off with straight-from-the-oven Walnut Brownies. Yummy!

Yesterday had time to read the newspaper at length and came across a small boxed item by a student counsellor who writes about exams being a party with the first question being the welcome drink, the second being a starter and the third onwards the main course! I somehow like, rather love, his comparisons. I think a person who can think in terms of food for everything in life is just my sort! Anyway, cooking and food is a passion with me and just as an artist finds a canvas and paints irresistible, for me creating new dishes and doing things zara hat ke for food are irresistible!

As I wind up, some tasty offerings from the special zara hat ke pot: Very Low Fat Brownies, Pudina Paneer, Palak Tikki with Soya Granules.

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.

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