Teacher who has impacted my life

A person gets his learnings from various sources like school, college, home, friends, society, religion and self. Learning never ends and continues till the last day of your life. One’s outlook has to be of open mind and that each one around you has something to offer. I have been a good student throughout my school and college days and as such I was not very choosy about my liking for any teacher. I found all of them very good. What changed me in my growing years was the impact of one person and that continues even today. I am talking about my late father Shri Surinder Kapoor. He was the most straightforward and transparent person I have ever come across. He taught me the small lessons of life and whatever I am today is all because of those teachings.

He has taught me to be grounded in every situation; be very focussed in life; do one thing at a time but 100%; do only the right things and don’t even waste a moment over what is not right; don’t wait for the best to happen, attempt good and better and one day you will reach the best; don’t cry over failures or loss, use it as right excuse for doing something new; respect all; look at the strengths of people around you and exploit them and royally ignore their weaknesses; speak the truth on face and be happy, those who know you will not mind and others don’t matter; and so on.

I think about him daily before I start my day and things start falling in place as he is around me to answer all my confusions. It is his teachings which have kept everyone in our family emotionally well connected. He deserves a special salute from me this Teacher’s Day; I can see him smiling up there!

Happy Teachers’ Day!!

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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