Mothers Day is every day!


MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor

The celebration of Mother’s day on the 2nd Sunday in the month of May, is a relatively new concept in India but celebrating our mothers is not. Just one day to celebrate our beloved maa just seems very unfair for those of us who owe everything we have to our moms. It is indeed a time to reflect and rejoice the presence of a mother in our lives and to honor mothers, motherhood and the influence they have on our society and we must do that with great gusto!

A woman can endure pain and hardships – both mental and physical far more than men can and a mother even more. A mother is someone who will have more good wishes, love, aspirations and hope for you, than even you have for yourself. Only mothers can have that rare combination of being extremely loving and yet strict whenever needed. There is so much that they get done in a short time of 24 hours and so multitasking comes naturally to them. Being a mother is a full time job with the salary being smiles on the faces of her children.

My mother is my world. I have been extremely close to her since I was a child. She has always been the problem solver in my life. Every time I find myself in a scrape I go to my mother for reassurance. She doesn’t always have a solution to the problem, but just talking to her makes things better. She is the guiding force in my life and I can be sure of her love and support through thick and thin. Not only has she raised me and my siblings with a lot of love and affection but also taught us morals and values that we proudly follow to date. My mother is a great cook and I must give her plenty of credit for my cooking prowess. Watching her prepare various delicacies right from my childhood is probably what instilled the love for cooking and food in me. I may have carved a name for myself in the world but I will always be proud to say that I am Mrs Urmil Kapoor’s son.

In India, we put our mothers on the same pedestal as God. You touch your mother’s feet before every important occasion. According to the Hindu mythology, there are 8 incarnations of a mother in the form of goddesses. Each of them signifies different virtues that we must imbibe in our lives.

Parvati: Power to detach and withdraw
Parvati is life giving and sacred. She teaches us that you can only live a full filling life once you learn how to detach yourself from the negatives and people around you and the things that are pulling you down. Once you rise above that it becomes easy to be joyful and in turn keep others content. Her symbol is a cow, which is considered sacred and life giving.

Durga: Power to let go
Let go off all the negativity and vices in your life. Letting go of things isn’t easy and it does require a lot of strength. Durga maa is also known as shakti and she sits on a lion. Let go off your old habits and forgive those who may have wronged you.

Jagdamba: Power to Tolerate
Jadgamba means mother to all, she considers everyone her child. Tolerance is natural and not negative. You don’t get hurt when you tolerate. She gives out a message of unconditional love and purity. It is important to love and mother your own self first, only then will it be possible to mother others. Nurture and heal yourself.

Santoshi: Power to Accept
Acceptance has always been difficult for mankind. Santoshi maa teaches us the power to accept. Like in a bowl of rice, every person is different from the other, yet we must accept them as they are and treat everyone as equals without putting forth any conditions.

Gayatri: Power to Discern
She teaches us to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong and to discriminate. The spinning chakra behind her head symbolizes self realization. The conch shell that she has teaches us that the right words must be spoken at the right time. The swan she sits on symbolizes love.

Saraswati: Power to Decide
Saraswati maa is the goddess of knowledge and music. The sitar in her hand tells you to create your own music, the scriptures she holds depict accurate decisions and the rosary or the jaap mala tells us that decisions are independent, but should be made keeping others in mind.

Kali: Power to face
She is fearless and teaches us that once we overcome our fears, including the fear of death, we can perform our actions with more conviction. We don’t need to face people but overcome our own weakness instead. Don’t accept weakness, kill that demon.

Laxmi: Power to Cooperate
She teaches us to co operate with others instead of competing with them. The lotus that she sits on symbolizes how it’s possible to be pure even amidst muck. The gold coins that she drops from her hands signify detachment. The more you give the more you get. She teaches us to give without any expectations.

These are all the qualities that we find in a mother. A cow is called “gaay mata” because they are nourishing and loving and peaceful and provide us with everything that we need. We call our country “Bharat maa” for the same reason. Anything associated with the word maa is automatically special and sacred. Remember your mom’s was the 1st finger you held, she helped you take your 1st step, she sent you to school, bought you new clothes for each birthday, chased you around the house so you could drink that one glass of milk, she was the person who stayed awake with you during your exams, Maybe scolded you for your mistakes but always forgave you for them, she is there by you even when adversity takes over prosperity. Let’s just sum it all up by saying that – God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.

Love her, Cherish her and Respect her!

Here are a few recipes from my book called “Cooking with love”. This book is a compilation of recipes from my mothers’ kitchen. Try these out and I am sure you will love them for more you can log on to

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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