Preparing for Exams, Special Recipes

Came back from Delhi on Sunday. That city too is getting hotter and winter seems long gone. By the time I reached home it was nearly five. Anyway, caught up with my pending mails and as my elder daughter Rachita is preparing for her 10th std board exams, I made her a special chicken dish for dinner. In fact, I would rather give children who are doing a lot of studying for the coming month more of proteins, vegetables and fruits than carbohydrates (read, paranthe, fried bread based snacks etc). Protein keeps them alert and too many carbs and sugar can take them into an energy slump. Alyona is also careful about some daily physical activity for Rachita like a walk together or some little work out in our home gym. Also as the craving for roadside foods always seems existent, it is best to dish up hygienic stuff at home when the demand comes! I will give some recipes here to start with as also a whole lot on my website. What should the children eat during the actual examination days is a different menu!

Ahmedabad TYC is slowly progressing towards a March opening. Why should I be mentioning this? Well, cooking for the discerning Gujarati is actually a dilemma! They love food like no other but they are also fine critics! But the fact that they love trying out new things makes menu planning very exciting.
So here we go with some kid friendly recipes that can cause a ripple of excitement when your child is studying – Garden Vegetable and Almond Soup, Akhrot Murgh, Chocolate Coffee.

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor.

One thought on “Preparing for Exams, Special Recipes

  1. veena krishnakumar

    hiThank you sir for those delicious recipes. The advise on the carb will def be useful for all parents like me. good luck for te forthcoming exams of your daughter

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