Tune in for June

When in Spain do as the Spanish do…watched a bull fight and I can say it was a new experience. Yesterday went in relaxing at the hotel, having our meals there. Tomorrow booked for dinner in Roca, 3- Michelin star restaurant and I believe they have an extensive set menu.

Back in Mumbai, new book My Mother’s Kitchen is going to press. June will be fun packed for the fans of www.sanjeevkapoor.com for there are special features on ice creams, tiffins and cooking for unexpected guests. That, in short, means loads of new recipes and happy cooking.

Rest, they say all is well at home, except for the day time temperature. That gets me to tell you some recipes that I personally enjoy when the Mumbai heat gets to me.

Try….Chilli Lemon Stewed Vegetables with Noodles, Celery Cucumber Medley, Rose Sandesh

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.

Special day for moms

If Mumbai is hot, Bahrain is hotter! Anyway, all meetings will be held in AC comfort so are the malls and cars. Riyadh is next on the agenda and as all these client meetings end by the weekend, I want to be home for Mother’s Day as my Mom and Alyona’s Mom (from Pune) will be with us and we wish to spend the day with both of them, probably treat them to some of their favourite dishes! In all likelihood, they will be shooing us out of the kitchen and cooking for us!! Let’s see.

On www.sanjeevkapoor.com we will be having a loadful of recipes that kids can make for the family…probably in line with treating moms! I guess we should have also specified that cooking should be followed by clearing up and cleaning up. There are very simple tips to keep the working platform neat while you are cooking…soak, chop, prepare – clear up, and rinse out the barely used utensils and spoons. They go in a basket to dry. Keep some paper towels handy to wipe spills as you work. Once you start cooking, keep the cooking spoon, ladle, spatula in a dish so that it is always handy…also some padded pot holders. Who wants scalded fingers…well, I do tend to get carried away but that is what food and cooking does to me…

Alyona shoots again for Youtube today…some more Gujarati specials and you can see her earlier recipes on http://www.youtube.com/sanjeevkapoorkhazana#p/u

I get many queries about different vegetable preparations…well, here are potatoes, a favourite of many, in different forms.

Aloo Achari

Aloo ka Bharta

Lucknowi Bharwan Aloo

Till I write again

Sanjeev Kapoor.

New look for the website

There’s lots to convey! First and foremost, waiting for your response and feedback on the new design of my website. The homepage has had a makeover, the pages have been made lighter so that navigation is faster and the Search window is more prominent. Well there is more! There is a new Suggest facility in Search, Books have links to specific recipes, and there is more interactivity with Contest and Quiz. Before the month ends there would be about 1000 new recipes uploaded for you!

Do write back with your suggestions to enquiry@sanjeevkapoor.com. Mark the mail WEBSITE FEEDBACK.

So what else is happening? On the stands are five NEW books: Dakshin Delights, Cooking with Olive Oil, Tawa-Handi recipes, Sweet Temptations and Sunday Specials. Shop for them conveniently on shop.sanjeevkapoor.com.

In life small gestures matter. Since many years my team has been having a Bakers’ Day at a nursery school in Juhu. It has become a tradition for the school! Not only is it a fun activity for our chefs but also for the kids and teachers. It also shows that kids have so much enthusiasm for learning! The treat was Eggless Chocolate Cake which was enjoyed at all stages (more batter tasting!).

For the weekend, try out some recipes from the new books like Cheesy Macaroni and Dum ka Murgh! Kids will be happy.

Coming home from Delhi late tonight.

Sanjeev Kapoor.