Easy Indian recipes – stir up some magical drinks

We have been looking at cooking Indian food with ease, taking a close look at simple rice dishes and raitas. The blog uploaded on July 1 covers this. Let us take you further up the ladder of success and include easy Indian recipes of beverages and chutneys that require no cooking. But mind you, a good aperitif like Chilled Green Tea and Honey Drink and Citrus Cooler can set the mood for a pleasant meal ahead. And chutneys? Anything spicy and chatpata puts a touch of elegance to something as simple as potato chips too! And as they say, a good dessert also forgives many a simple meal. So keeping that in mind, we will share some easy Indian halwa recipes that require minimal effort.
Beverages like lassi and chaas rule the roost. When it comes to cooling drinks there are innovations like Aam ki Lassi, Beetroot Chaas, Gulab e Aab that really impress. Serve them chilled in elegant glasses and there you are – a gracious host or hostess. For chutneys like the basic Green Chutney ensure that the greens are fresh, cleaned and properly washed. In earlier days, the stone mortar and pestle was used to slowly crush the leaves and release the flavours. The taste was supreme. This is now done using the electric mixie but we have to change with the times so that is perfectly okay. But make it a point to taste a stone ground chutney once – so that you can also relish the real flavours. See the recipes lined up here for easy access – Pudine ki Chutney, Sweet Tamarind Chutney and Chilli Garlic Chutney. All you need now are some yummy fried snacks!
In your collection of easy Indian recipes we have to include the easiest Suji aur Badam Halwa. The best part is that you can fill up small moulds with the halwa and serve them turned out in a fancy shapes. For those who want to graduate still further, try out the Gajar Halwa and the excellent pressure cooker recipe of Doodhi Halwa.
As the pot on the stove bubbles happily as it cooks the contents, let us gear up for the next round of cooking some easy Indian recipes – we will need flour and pulses as we will rustle up some everyday rotis, paranthas with hot piping dals.