Just a spoonful of soup

Just a few days back when I returned from an exhausting trip to Dubai, Alyona asked me what I would like to have for dinner and I told her, without wasting any time on thinking about it, that I wanted a bowl of hot Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup with some toasted garlic bread.

To me soups are the best comfort food. I slurp on a bowl full of soup when I am tired, when I feel I need to give my stomach rest from a heavy meal, when I feel low and also when I feel at the top of the world. Soups have the knack to placate me whatever the mood I may be in. It’s the best comfort food which is both wholesome and nutritious at the same time.

The best thing about soup, I find, is that it can be prepared easily and does not need much skill. What’s more you can make a soup out of anything – leftover vegetables or pieces of meat or fish or a combination of two or more of these. Just put together a few things in a big pot, add sufficient water or stock and let them simmer away till well cooked. And while the soup pot is bubbling away you can escape from the kitchen and do something else – watch your favourite show on the TV or listen to music or read a book. The amount of water can be altered according to your need – add more liquid if you want a thin soup or less liquid if you want a thick soup. Add seasonings as per your taste and ladle out bowlfuls. My personal favourite is Sour and Spicy Prawn Soup. If there is a bowl full of this soup and some pav to soak it up…just the thought is enough for me to feel satiated.

Oh yes, you can make cold soups too. On a hot summer day when I just cannot think of piping hot soup, I reach out for a bowl full of chilled soup. Here too you can have a variety. Just the thought of Chilled Cucumber and Buttermilk Soup which is absolutely yummy and very cooling to the system too.

Whenever I feel I need to have something light, I reach out for a bowl of soup. It is light and at the same time wholesome. And if you are on a weight reducing spree, soup is ideal. They are low calorie yet nutritive enough to meet the needs of your body. So I would suggest a bowlful of soup anytime. Slurrrrp! Festival this month on sanjeevkapoor.com –Soup Rendezvous