Live event at Nasik and then off to Delhi for TieCon Delhi 2012

Mumbai is resonant with Lord Ganpati’s immersion processions on alternate days! It sure is festive time in my city. I have some travelling to do from tonight till Saturday so going to miss out the tenth day celebrations!

Off to Bangalore this evening to be with a big multinational company involved in food processing industry for an immersion day, the whole of tomorrow, understanding what they do, how they do it before I begin my work with them. So, then on early Friday morning, that is Sept 28th, a smooth ride of about 4-5 hours by road to Nasik, the ‘grape city’ which everyone first and foremost associate with Shirdi. I have a live interactive show for the audience of Dainik Divya Marathi. It is being held at Hotel Express Inn situated at Mumbai-Agra Road, Pathardi Phata. Quite a central location and I start at 2.30 pm. What’s the plan? Fusion recipes like I said but just to get the appetite whetted something with pasta, some thing to do with pav bhaji and cake and pizza! Innovating desserts like Motichoor Phirni and a novel Pav Bhaji Biryani awaits you! It will be a creative, interactive and fun filled time on stage! Entry is by invitation only.

From Nasik off to Delhi straightaway! Attending the TiEcon Delhi 2012 on Saturday 29th Sept at Hotel Taj Palace. TiEcon is one of the world’s largest conferences for entrepreneurs operating on their motto of ‘Entrepreneurship – Thriving in Chaos’. I have a special slot from 2.15 pm to 3 pm in what they call the Rapid Fire session titled ‘Profit and pride – Brand stories’. It will be an interactive, informal and engaging 45 minutes in which I am free to relate my experiences and anecdotes from my entrepreneurial journey. Then in the following half hour I have to give a keynote address on my personal entrepreneurial journey – great platform to share my key moments in hindsight, what has impacted me, best memories etc. I have to condense my life’s journey in a capsule of 15-20 minutes and have some serious script writing lying ahead for me!

So as I go back to that file on my computer let me wish you all a Happy Anant Chaturdashi!

Till we connect again

Sanjeev Kapoor.




Look after yourself

Even as I write this, I can hear the roll of drums and the reverberating dholaks on the roads – processions are already on with fifth day of Lord Ganesh’s festival being marked with immersions. Have we ever wondered at the following? How Ganesha’s big head can inspire us to think big and think profitability, how His big ears show openness to new ideas and suggestions, how His narrow eyes point to the deep concentration needed to finish a task well and how His long nose encourages curiosity and learning! Well, have given you enough to dwell on for the time being!
I was also reading how the mission Crater Mumbai has been shaping up. That the roads are in bad shape is in the news is not anything new. But what is alarming now is that we are losing our posture slowly and gradually thanks to them. The traveler on the road is suffering from bad backs. On the other end, even desk bound people who are in their office chairs at hours on end need to improve their posture. I hear of bad backs and stiff necks and slipped discs. I am sure anyone can do some stretching exercises after every hour of work : walk around a bit, swivel the neck, flex the fingers etc. You have to look after yourself, come what may.
A bit tied up with some work on the recipes that I will be shooting for the new schedule of Teen Patti beginning tomorrow. Time just seems to fly, really, as I am already on the sixth schedule for my show on FoodFood. What I am really excited about now is the telecast of MahaChallenge which is on from Sept 9th! You will definitely enjoy it as the show is full of challenges, goal setting, going for the goal, emotional highs and lows and of course, the inimitable hosting by Madhuri Dixit.
As I have spoken about looking after oneself, how about some healthy recipes for this rainy season.

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor.