Website wonders!

Just in with some steaming facts about, before the release of the new, improved and user friendly version of the website! Check them out…
  • The website finally crossed a 10 lakh visits landmark, with 12 lakh visits in just the last 30 days! I think this is a great achievement with whatever we had initially begun with. Kudos to my team for raising the bar to this level.
  • According to the statistics, most of the users has usually come in during the festivals to check out special features and recipes. This is pretty prominent from the fact that on August 12, 2011 alone about 50,000 users logged onto the site as the next day was a major Hindu festival – Rakshabandhan. Indians sure love food, and more, when its some festival or special occasion!
  • As far as the data related to the division of users on the basis of region is concerned – I just learnt that while the cream of the lot remains Indians with a 60% visitors, many visitors came in from the United States (14% visitors) and the United Kingdom (5% visitors).
Here’s hoping that our relationship continues to grow and flourish in all time to come. I am humbled by the love, affection and gratitude shown by the food lovers from different parts of the world. I also take this opportunity to thank all food lovers for their feedback, contributions and suggestions in making a primary source for Indian recipes.
And what better could be done, than to celebrate this joy with some real scrumptious recipes…aptly some Parsi recipes…for Pateti.
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor