Back home

Good to be back home and now in the office. It’s been painted fresh and so it’s spic and span…loads to catch up with and had a longish meeting on saturday! It’s the best way to get back in the groove…hit it hard!

What’s hard hitting really is the Mumbai heat and I have decided to keep cool drinking buttermilk. The interesting thing is that buttermilk contrary to its name, contains no butter at all! Defining buttermilk, acharya Sushruta has written that it is a compound made of curd and water, subsequently churned so as to have the contained cream and butter completely skimmed off. Its typical composition is about 0.5 percent fat and 5.5 percent milk solids (proteins, minerals and vitamins). The rest 94.0 percent is water! A glass of buttermilk contains only 20 calories. Wow, to know this gives buttermilk more weightage as a health drink. According to traditional Indian wisdom, Ayurveda, one big glass of this creamy, tangy drink can fuel you for a day of hectic work. Before massive urbanisation and the arrival of aerated cold drinks in India, buttermilk used to be a favourite item served both as a speciality and as an addition to daily meals. Many Vedic hymns give its reference. One famous saying goes thus: what amrit is to the gods, buttermilk is to human beings.

So how about some different types of cooling chaas?

Beetroot Chaas

Chilled Watermelon Yogurt

Pudina Chaas

Keep cool

Sanjeev Kapoor.

Cooking for Mom

Tucked up whole day in office today with a series of meetings, restaurant updates and some telephonic interviews.

Yesterday we had some special demonstrations for Wonderchef during the first part of the day. Finished and went home as we had special guests over for high tea! About thirty of Mom’s senior citizen friends came over (well it was a planned evening) as they wanted to have a chit chat with me! We had quite an interactive session with a lot of recipe swapping. I had decided the menu before hand with close consultation of my mother and we served the popular favourites like kulche chole, bhel puri, sev puri, khandvi, dahi bhalle and phirni. I admit that Alyona’s khandvi turns out better than mine and the dahi bhalle (with stuffing ) that my mother makes I cannot copy! So all my cooking prowess was put to test making the other items. One lady was quite enthusiastic about different flavours of phirni and we had a long discussion about that. She came up with the contention that if ice creams can be available in so many flavours then why not Indian desserts! So her ideas are of orange phirni, chocolate kheer ( I have made chocolate phirni, fruit kheer, chocolate shrikhand), gulab jamuns in strawberry juice….This does get one down to thinking!

As some Til Poli is coming off the tawa in the kitchen, in readiness for a perfected recipe for you, time for me to go check it out at lunch!

Till I write again.

Sanjeev Kapoor