Announcing the launch of new restaurant brands

Back from Thailand and ready to take on the whirlwind of work!
My latest focus is on redefining dining in India and to promote the Indian dining experience internationally. People often tell me, “We watch your show, but we really want to taste your food.” I believe this challenge of cooking for millions can be overcome by launching restaurants that will reach out to people. As food in India is synonymous with entertainment; people meet and bond over food. Keeping this in mind, we are creating a variety of experiences that range from the quality and ambience of a fine dining restaurant to experiential dining such as a new age Indian lounge. We are launching new restaurant brands like Signature, Sura Vie, Pin Yin Café and Khazana.
At the Signature chain of restaurants, we aspire to position it as the last word on Indian cuisine by maintaining an air of elegance. Sura Vie Lounge is purveyor of a definitive eclectic experience with a focus on live contemporary Indian music. It will be launched in the key metros with international comfort food specially crafted from the chef’s table. Pin Yin Café is a casual oriental restaurant with an all day dining/ cafe format that serves popular oriental dishes. It will provide substantial, high quality, competitively priced, meals in the mid-casual dining segment. The cuisine will be popular Oriental, with menu options that include familiar Asian dishes such as Thai Green Curry etc. Khazana can be defined as an upscale restaurant that serves chef-inspired Indian dishes that are redefined. The goal is to make upscale Indian dining accessible and affordable to families and young professionals and showcase the Indian dining experience to tourists and expats in a luxurious ambience. We are also offering franchising opportunity for Khazana, The Yellow Chilli and Pin Yin Café.
When I started my show on television it was the only one of its kind. Eighteen years on, Khana Khazana has become a household name in India and I have now launched my own TV channel. Managed to do so by packaging passion, dedication, energy and understanding of the consumer. Now my mission is to approach dining with the same passion and leverage our consumer insights to build world class restaurants globally.
Let me wind up with some dishes that always please me when I come home after a long stint of travelling.
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

Aloo Parantha – epitome of Punjabi home cooking

If there is something a hard working person desires at the end of the day, it would be having his or her favourite food, that too piping hot, at home! The thing is that the burden of cooking bears many of us down. The time might be there but the inclination is not there, hence the meal is sketchy and what one had wished to eat, like the favourite food we spoke about earlier, remains a wish unfulfilled. And then there are cases where the inclination is there to cook but time constraint is a major factor. Hence, a quick bite on the move is what an evening meal would look like. Not only do we end up spending money where it can be saved but we also end up giving our bodies insufficient nutrition.

This is where stuffed paranthas come in handy. Punjabis love Aloo Paranthas for breakfast but the same dish can be converted into a proper meal with a salad on the side and freshly made raita like Boondi Raita alongside. A busy cook needs to ensure some kneaded dough in the fridge, and some boiled potatoes. Actual cooking of the paranthas takes less than 30 minutes.

There is every reason to eat well and eat well at home. With a little bit of planning, the kitchen shelves can be well stacked with foods for the week and if you can get organized. Even the week’s menu can be put up so that the mind and hands start working the moment you get home. As the menu is planned, there is bound to be variety and best distribution of nutrition throughout the week. Plan, so that your daily intake is optimum and best ingested by the body. For every single day plan at least one meal that has essential carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The meal should have a cereal, pulse or poultry, some vegetables and maybe a light fruity dessert. This keeps the energy levels at even keel. To have a variety of dishes try a pulao made with healthy brown rice: Hara Masala Brown Rice Pulao.

When you cook at home, freshness is assured and that is what good quality food is made of.

November sets the ball rolling

The long weekend is gone! But there are so many good memories. We were in a celebratory mood as it is…our daughter Kriti won her first ever Gold Medal in the National Athletics Meet at Jamshedpur. Of course, we were ecstatic! She trains hard and sincerely and Alyona is giving full time support to her. The fruits of hard labour are always sweet.
Coming to sweets, have had a fantastic response to the contest on leftover mithais and it is so enlightening to be a part of all your creativity, dear readers. We too had an innovation station contest last week in our office and I have already written all about it. Diwali has come and gone but, there are sparklers of joy still lingering. And in no time now, will the year start its fast ascent into 2011! Really, time has wings and I have already been flooded with queries for Christmas festive delights.
So as we set out toward some more festivities, go through the exciting articles this month on! Tips about refreshing the look of your kitchen, tips on how to become healthier in nine easy steps, and also we reveal the real truths of why fast foods are tasty but unhealthy!
As the month progresses, time for me to launch the food channel becomes excitingly closer. I am refreshed and raring to go as we spent the last two days of the holiday weekend in cool Pune with whole of Alyona’s family….yes, lots of pampering, lots of food and cooking sessions and relaxation.
For you, some new tasty tidbits.

Till I write again.

Sanjeev Kapoor.