How to enjoy your Diwali sweets without guilt

Diwali sweets are too tempting to be denied! But those with a sweet tooth could easily go overboard consuming the calories. Well, eat your Diwali sweets in moderation and try these following tricks if everything else fails. In fact, these tricks do allow you to have the any calorie dense dessert and not worry too much about weight gain. Dessert or a sweet at the end of a meal signals to your brain that the meal is over. Without it you may not feel full.
1. Take a bite. But don’t swallow it. Hold it in your mouth, let it slowly melt on your tongue. Enjoy it. Slowly savour all the flavours. Go really slow. Really taste it. Then have two more bites exactly the same way. That’s ‘The End’ for the dessert course! Does this work? Yes, it does. How? The first two or three bites are the best bites of anything. After that your taste buds focus back onto the original bite. The taste buds then operate on memory of the original bite. According to nutritionists, it always helps to pick whatever you want because it satisfies you more. Then limit the portion size.
2. Reject all the deep fried mithais like gulab jamuns. Try rasgullas – a version like Small Rasgulla with Fresh Fruit Rabdi. From these you can squeeze out the excess sugary syrup.
3. Or make your own mithai like Gaurpapdi using jaggery. This can be made using less amount of ghee if you use a nonstick kadai. Add nuts for better nutrition. You can also serve a dessert like Gur aur Badam ki Phirni instead of rich basundi or rabri.
In case you want something very different for your collection of Diwali sweet recipes, make a note of this Sweet Potato and Sago Kheer: Peel 500 grams sweet potatoes and cut into thin slices. Cook them with two tablespoons of soaked sago in two cups of water till sweet potatoes become soft. Add one cup grated jaggery and mix. Grind four cups scraped coconut with four cups of water and extract three cups of thick coconut milk. Add to sweet potato mixture. Continue to cook for five minutes. Add half teaspoon green cardamom powder and a pinch of salt. Stir and remove from heat. Serve warm.

Diwali recipes – get your thinking caps on

Festival time begins with August just around the corner. As you browse the website for recipes for Rakshabandhan recipes or Ganesh Chaturthi recipes, there will be a desire to check out on Diwali recipes too. Well, we do not want to disappoint you so let us look at some snacks that will be perfect for Diwali snacking. Yes, of course, sweets and desserts are included too.
To begin with a taste of the crunchy and crisp when you have a Diwali get together have some Mini Chinese Samosa or Crispy Spinach Parcels lined up. Something like Golden Bags and Mozzarella Pops will also satisfy those who love fried foods. If you like to put assembled dishes together, then Bhakarwadi Chaat or Chole Canapes are perfect party snacks. Why wait for Diwali, you could probably serve these at your next party!
With so many savouries being discussed how about some unique desserts this Diwali? Rose Ice cream and creamy Rasgulla Phirni are perfect. Bring out your best china to serve these. For those who like traditional sweets Lavang Latika is ideal – resembles little firecrackers that are synonymous with the festival of lights. Watch out this space as we give you more and more ideas on how to list down your Diwali recipes.

Diwali sweet recipes – Ah, the sweet tooth is waiting patiently!

Diwali means mithai, meetha, and more! Actually serving the sweets part is simpler than the savoury salty part. Our ideas what you could develop further: make Chilli Icecream and expect raised eyebrows at the name but pleased grins at the tasting! The mithai part can be continued in a Mithai Sundae with vanilla and butterscotch ice creams layered with crushed chikki, mini gulab jamuns, jam and cake! Cake is also superb paired with gajar halwa but sizzle it with rabdi and wow the guests with this ‘active’ dessert. Perfect fireworks on the table! For those who prefer dairy, dish up Apple Rabdi. It will score high on the novelty chart. Well, all is not done yet.
For an offering of Diwali sweet recipes with a difference make Beancurd Peda. Grate 100 grams of beancurd and place in a bowl. Add 3 tablespoons of grated khoya and mix. Add sufficient sweetened condensed milk to mix the above mixture into a soft dough. Divide into marble sized portions and shape into balls. Flatten the balls lightly and serve. Or you could impress your relatives with a Colourful Lassi. Blend hung yogurt with sugar to make thick lassi. Divide the lassi into four portions. Mix two tablespoons of strawberry puree with one portion, two tablespoons of kiwi puree with second portion and saffron with third portion. Let the fourth portion remain white. Take a tall glass and first pour the saffron lassi. Place two slices of kiwifruit over it and then pour a little of the kiwi lassi. Place three slices of strawberry over it. Now pour the strawberry lassi and place a few strawberry slices over this too. Finally pour the white lassi over it and place some more strawberry slices over it and serve immediately. If there is a rush, serve Vanilla Ice cream with Cookie Crumble. Place two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a long stemmed glass; sprinkle four crushed chocolate chip cookies and drizzle chocolate sauce as required and serve.
As you read through the Diwali sweet recipes, look out in this space for some low-cal Diwali snacks.