Cooking indeed is not rocket science

The idea of starting a video series on how to cook for beginners germinated at a school meet where I had been invited to talk to the students who were in their final year. And as expected, most of them wanted to know why I chose this profession since cooking is so difficult and one has to spend hours over hot stove. I then told them that cooking really is not rocket science and with little patience and lots of passion, perseverance and interest it is easy to master the art of cooking.

Well the best place to start learning about how to cook is naturally right from the beginning. Let me tell you one well kept secret about myself – it took me very long to master the art of rolling out a round roti. Even now I need to concentrate a lot so that my rotis do not get misshapen.

It really is easy to become a great cook nowadays. With such technical advancement it is ever so easy to get quality raw ingredients with just a click of a button and a credit card. We can now order just about anything on earth sitting at home in front of our computers. The earth is indeed shrinking and home cooks are big time beneficiaries of it. Practically everything is within easy access – not just ingredients but also cooking methods and exotic recipes.

Now, now don’t you complain that your kitchen is not adequately equipped. When I started out in this profession we did not have the equipment that is available now. Yet we managed and very well too. So let me assure you that good cooks can make a lot happen with very little equipment. So don’t rush out to buy everything that is available – buy only what you need. As you graduate in your culinary prowess you can further equip your kitchen. Anyways there is no point in spending money on things that you do not know how to operate.

An important lesson to be taught and to be learnt is that do not be afraid of making mistakes. I made umpteen ones, which when I recall now makes me wonder how I could have been so clumsy. But then you learn from your mistakes, don’t you? I did learn and these mistakes helped me hone my skills. And I am where I am because of them. So let me assure you that the best chefs are those who made mistakes and learnt from them.

You too can become an expert cook. Just watch your grandmother or mother as they go about their ‘business’ in the kitchen. And if you are away from home, then just log on to

and I promise you they will take you step by step up the ladder to becoming if not the best but a good enough cook.

Happy learning

Sanjeev Kapoor

Cooking for Mom

Tucked up whole day in office today with a series of meetings, restaurant updates and some telephonic interviews.

Yesterday we had some special demonstrations for Wonderchef during the first part of the day.Finished and went home as we had special guests over for high tea! About thirty of Mom’s senior citizen friends came over (well it was a planned evening) as they wanted to have a chit chat with me! We had quite an interactive session with a lot of recipe swapping. I had decided the menu before hand with close consultation of my mother and we served the popular favourites like kulche chole, bhel puri, sev puri, khandvi, dahi bhalle and phirni. I admit that Alyona’s khandvi turns out better than mine and the dahi bhalle (with stuffing ) that my mother makes I cannot copy! So all my cooking prowess was put to test making the other items. One lady was quite enthusiastic about different flavours of phirni and we had a long discussion about that. She came up with the contention that if ice creams can be available in so many flavours then why not Indian desserts! So her ideas are of orange phirni, chocolate kheer ( I have made chocolate phirni, fruit kheer, chocolate shrikhand), gulab jamuns in strawberry juice….This does get one down to thinking!

As some Til Poli is coming off the tawa in the kitchen, in readiness for a perfected recipe for you, time for me to go check it out at lunch!

Till I write again.

Sanjeev Kapoor

Always good to keep learning

Last week was in Bangalore on Thursday for a show at The Kitchen Yatra. The range of modular kitchens now available for us is really mind-boggling!
On Friday, we all took some time off from the rush of shootings to watch an enchanting demonstration of the unique food processor called Thermomix. The presenter was a very enthusiastic Ms Lynette MacDonald from Australia and we could see that she loves what she does….creating magic in the kitchen showing the prowess of the smart little Thermomix. Lynette was kind enough to teach us how to make dessert with frozen strawberries, pineapple sorbet, coleslaw salad, sweet custard, fresh bread dough, soups as well as preparation of our very own Indian masala mixes. My whole team thoroughly enjoyed Lynette’s demonstration as it was peppered with little jokes.
What we saw was this machine Thermomix that weighs, cooks, chops, steams, kneads, simmers in a compact way. Frankly speaking, the gadget lover in me was totally floored!
Monday comes with its long list of things to do and shows to make! From tomorrow a shooting schedule for Khana Khazana starts and I am spending time in preparing my recipes for it.
February is packed with lovely things on! You can stock up on soup recipes and dish out great recipes using carrots….there is more, just wait! The new book The Wedding Collection is bringing in excellent feedback for its concept and a niche market. Have you got your copy yet?
Till I write again try out my favourites for the month…

Sanjeev Kapoor.