Just a spoonful of soup

Just a few days back when I returned from an exhausting trip to Dubai, Alyona asked me what I would like to have for dinner and I told her, without wasting any time on thinking about it, that I wanted a bowl of hot Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup with some toasted garlic bread.

To me soups are the best comfort food. I slurp on a bowl full of soup when I am tired, when I feel I need to give my stomach rest from a heavy meal, when I feel low and also when I feel at the top of the world. Soups have the knack to placate me whatever the mood I may be in. It’s the best comfort food which is both wholesome and nutritious at the same time.

The best thing about soup, I find, is that it can be prepared easily and does not need much skill. What’s more you can make a soup out of anything – leftover vegetables or pieces of meat or fish or a combination of two or more of these. Just put together a few things in a big pot, add sufficient water or stock and let them simmer away till well cooked. And while the soup pot is bubbling away you can escape from the kitchen and do something else – watch your favourite show on the TV or listen to music or read a book. The amount of water can be altered according to your need – add more liquid if you want a thin soup or less liquid if you want a thick soup. Add seasonings as per your taste and ladle out bowlfuls. My personal favourite is Sour and Spicy Prawn Soup. If there is a bowl full of this soup and some pav to soak it up…just the thought is enough for me to feel satiated.

Oh yes, you can make cold soups too. On a hot summer day when I just cannot think of piping hot soup, I reach out for a bowl full of chilled soup. Here too you can have a variety. Just the thought of Chilled Cucumber and Buttermilk Soup which is absolutely yummy and very cooling to the system too.

Whenever I feel I need to have something light, I reach out for a bowl of soup. It is light and at the same time wholesome. And if you are on a weight reducing spree, soup is ideal. They are low calorie yet nutritive enough to meet the needs of your body. So I would suggest a bowlful of soup anytime. Slurrrrp! Festival this month on sanjeevkapoor.com –Soup Rendezvous


Always good to keep learning

Last week was in Bangalore on Thursday for a show at The Kitchen Yatra. The range of modular kitchens now available for us is really mind-boggling!
On Friday, we all took some time off from the rush of shootings to watch an enchanting demonstration of the unique food processor called Thermomix. The presenter was a very enthusiastic Ms Lynette MacDonald from Australia and we could see that she loves what she does….creating magic in the kitchen showing the prowess of the smart little Thermomix. Lynette was kind enough to teach us how to make dessert with frozen strawberries, pineapple sorbet, coleslaw salad, sweet custard, fresh bread dough, soups as well as preparation of our very own Indian masala mixes. My whole team thoroughly enjoyed Lynette’s demonstration as it was peppered with little jokes.
What we saw was this machine Thermomix that weighs, cooks, chops, steams, kneads, simmers in a compact way. Frankly speaking, the gadget lover in me was totally floored!
Monday comes with its long list of things to do and shows to make! From tomorrow a shooting schedule for Khana Khazana starts and I am spending time in preparing my recipes for it.
February is packed with lovely things on www.sanjeevkapoor.com! You can stock up on soup recipes and dish out great recipes using carrots….there is more, just wait! The new book The Wedding Collection is bringing in excellent feedback for its concept and a niche market. Have you got your copy yet?
Till I write again try out my favourites for the month…

Sanjeev Kapoor.

Feeling the New York chills…

Finally, I get the hang of what is called the actual winter! I am here at the New York airport, writing for the blog, while the temperature outside is 9° C. This seems to be a pretty good change into the full wintery mode after the pleasant weather of Mumbai. Really looking forward to the rest of my hectic tourof US and Canada…
In India, for a while: two new publications recently came up namely Vegetarian Soups, containing handpicked selection of Indian and international soups to brighten up meals and just what one would need for the Mumbai weather these days and Vegetarian After-School Snacks, an extensive variety of mouth-watering snacks to tackle the young tummies. The recipes are worth giving a try on. Amongst the rest, the shoots for the new channel, FOODFOOD, are going on in full swing at the office and everybody is very busy and on their toes for it.
Back to my US trip, enough hype has already been created for the book launch for which a press conference has been arranged in New York. A food show is also lined up in Toronto. So, it is going to be long travellings and a lot of media happenings for which I will keep on reporting as I proceed…
While in New York, just incase I can manage some time (which I’m sure I will, in this case!), I will be visiting my friend Rajesh Bhardwaj and check on his outlet Café Spice as I love visiting that place. This is one place which has the right ambiance to give me the Indian feeling and not miss home while I am out of the country.
Incase you are looking for some good recipes, let me share some of the recipes which you can try:

Till I write again…

Sanjeev Kapoor