Ten top cooking tips from great chefs

Cooking in the home kitchen and cooking in a restaurant kitchen are different experiences. The latter calls for training of the chefs so that the maximum is done keeping the fact that large quantities of food are cooked at one time in mind. There is a lot of co-ordination needed between different teams and efficiency becomes the most important thing.
Saving time and saving effort becomes crucial. Cooking well, knowing the science behind every activity that requires heat, becomes important. Here we have some cooking tips that chefs apply, day in day out, in commercial cooking, which are also suitable for the home cook.
  • Prepare for the cook out! Have everything measured, chopped, sifted. Keep the pans with lids ready. Also the implements needed for economy of movement.
  • Use the sharpest knife.
  • Taste as you cook step by step. It helps to produce the perfect dish.
  • Go easy on the salt in the beginning. You can always add to taste at the last step.
  • Your olfactory senses are a good guide. Learn to practice using them.
  • Cushion the cutting board by using some wet newspapers. If the board stays immobile, the cutting is faster and better.
  • While frying, best not to overcrowd the pan.
  • A recipe calls for butter? Add some oil too so that the butter does not smoke or burn.
  • While baking, use the measuring scale, cups or spoons. Always heat the oven before putting in the cakes. Do it while you are beating up the ingredients. Grease the inside of the tin, as well as the paper lining.
  • Clean up as you go.




FOODFOOD, India’s first Hindi 24×7 Food Lifestyle Brand to launch in 5 days!

We had a press meet yesterday to announce the debut of our FoodFood channel on 24th January. FoodFood is the most gastronomically loaded lifestyle and entertainment concept available across TV, mobile, web etc– a 360 degree brand on the world of food, in collaboration with Mr. Raghavendra Madhav of Astro All Asia Networks. Malaysian company Astro is an integrated cross media group, with presence in Malaysia, India, Middle East, Australia and international markets, primarily engaged in the provision of direct-to-home subscription television services, radio services, film library licensing, multi-media interactive services, and television content creation, aggregation and distribution. In India, Astro has a stake in Sun Direct and South Asia FM. The company has also recently bought 49% stake in India’s premier lifestyle channel, NDTV Good Times.
We also have Ms Madhuri Dixit Nene as the Lifestyle Ambassador of FoodFood. She not only epitomizes Indian womanhood, but being a foodie herself, she brings to the brand a lifestyle perspective. She said on the occasion that she is extremely excited with the concept and thought behind FoodFood and that she looks forward to contributing as its Lifestyle Ambassador.
Through FoodFood, we hope to create a medium that will celebrate food in all its splendor across multi platforms. This TV channel is just one among many platforms to follow. With the concept of Cooking+ Food +Food-lifestyle, the TV channel aims to be all things food. Not only does it have it’s very own “Food Editor” – renowned chef, Rakesh Sethi ( with over 28 yrs experience across Taj SATS, Oberoi and Intercontinental hotels), it has also roped in several Indian celebrity chefs ( Nitin Tandon, Shantanu Gupte, Anurag Bali etc) to add spice to it’s programming content.
FoodFood COO Mr Karthik Lakshminarayan was also present on the occasion. He emphasized that our chefs not only understand food and cuisine, they are also in tune with the audiences’ lifestyle preferences. He stressed that we will produce and package content for our shows that are relevant to the Indian audiences. FoodFood is not just about stand-and-stir kind of shows, it will feature programming that is compellingly interactive with the audiences.
Targeting the middle class Indian in urban towns and cities as its core audience, FoodFood will produce and package all its content in India. The entire content and programming is in Hindi and is created by Indians, for Indians. In order to connect to our audiences across the country, we will feature shows about food and food lifestyle like ‘Firangi Tadka’, ‘Sirf 30 Minute’, ‘Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen’, Chef ka Muquabla and Ready-Steady-Cook, to name a few.
FoodFood will redefine food in our lives. Food is all set to become the new entertainment. FoodFood is not just a food channel, we are here to provide our viewers their very own Khushi ki Recipe. The channel will be available in both analog and digital formats pan India.

FOODFOOD, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Food Channel ready for launch

Mumbai Jan 18: India’s celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor is all set to launch his much awaited 24 X 7 food channel named FOODFOOD. He is addressing a Press Conference today at Totes, Mahalaxmi Race Course from 12 noon onwards.

Celebrity filmstar Ms Madhuri Dixit, is Brand Ambassador for Lifestyle Aspects and Sanjeev Kapoor is Brand Ambassador for Food Aspects. Present at the launch, Ms Dixit was all smiles and very enthusiatic about the new channel.

Food Programmes to look out for: Ready Steady Cook hosted by Roshni Chopra, Hum Sai Hai Muqabla, Firangi Dhaba, Sirf Tees Min by Chef Ganesh, Chef Nitin, Chef Harpal, Chef Anupa and Filmi Dhaba. These are just a few and many more will be announced soon.

Press meet to be followed by lunch.