Today a delight awaits for the residents at Vikhroli for there is a live demonstration of cooking being done at Home Stop using my WONDERCHEF range of bakeware and cookware. The timings are 5 pm to 7 pm and my colleague Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi will show you how to make cakes, pizzas and biryanis using his own flamboyant style.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the launch function of my new set of books named KITCHEN LIBRARY VEGETARIAN COLLECTION at Korum Mall in Thane. Soon it will be available at In this Vegetarian Collection comprising of five volumes, I have a banquet of delicious vegetarian Indian and international foods ranging from the everyday to the exotic, from heritage fare to the hot and happening. All these books will help to make every meal a gourmet’s delight with tried and tested recipes from our kitchens!
I get a lot of enquiries from food lovers settled outside India about what they can use as substitute for khoya in mithai. I can only suggest the options of condensed milk and/or milk powder.

Well, I guess, staying in India makes us lucky as we get readymade khoya! If one wishes khoya can be made at home. Just be prepared to burn a lot of gas and have patience. It is easier said than done. Khoya can be made at home, though the method is little tedious. It is prepared by boiling and reducing the milk to a semi-solid stage. The milk is to be boiled in a large kadai on a high heat and stirred occasionally. The heat is reduced as the milk thickens. When the mixture is in a semi-solid stage it is removed from the heat and set into moulds.

There are different types of khoya depending on the use of ingredients and moisture content. When you use full cream buffalo milk to make khoya, every litre of milk yields 200 grams. This khoya is used in burfis and laddoos. There is a different khoya that is made with low fat buffalo milk. The process of making it is the same as shown above but it is removed from the heat slightly earlier. It is loose and sticky in consistency with higher moisture content. It is suitable for making gulab-jamuns and gajar ka halwa. The dandedaar khoya which is excellent for kalakand is also made from full cream buffalo milk. The difference is that khoya is curdled slightly by adding a little tartaric acid. The milk curdles slightly hence the khoya is soft textured.

Let’s look at some recipes that use khoya:

Ananas ka meetha
Mawa Roll
Mawa Cake

Have a happy sweet weekend.
Sanjeev Kapoor.

Fast roll of time, Youtube channel, Christmas party

We are finally going to wrap up another year! 2010 beckons, no doubt, but with each passing day the work’s momentum is picking up. Back to back meetings and interviews today for the upcoming TV channel but the more exciting part is that it is time to present our visitors and guests with some festive creations like Sicilian Arracini Stuffed with Malai Kabab, Roasted Pumpkin and Mushroom Soup, Saagwala Murgh, Ricotta and Asparagus Ravioli, Pindi Chole, Olive and Jalapeno Pilaf. Rounding it off with Port Poached Baby Gulab Jamuns with Basil and Cream.

Also simultaneously the studio is under the hot lights for the camera of our guest from Singapore who is desirous of learning some traditional Indian recipes. Chef Harpal is demonstrating Prawn Malai Curry, Kesar and Pista Phirni besides others. You can catch these on Youtube in some time.

For more such recipes click on

As the long weekend is a blessing for leisurely Christmas parties I am sure you have a packed three days ahead!

More later.

Sanjeev Kapoor

Hot Rocks launch in Hyderabad

Mumbai, 7th December, 2009

Back to Mumbai after touring for most part of the weekend. Had a relaxed Sunday evening and after a long time spent qualitative time with my family.

The launch of my new book Marwari Vegetarian Cooking went smoothly in Delhi. From there went to Hyderabad for the launch of the theme based restaurant ‘Hot Rocks’. We had great plans for the launch but due to unforeseen local disturbances could not have the party as planned. We had an official press conference though, followed by a quiet dinner having a variety of starters like Rajma Galouti Kababs, Oriental Fish Skewers, Lemon Coriander Noodle Soup and also a wide range of main courses like Stir fried Exotic Vegetables in Pepper Hoisin Sauce, Chilli Garlic Noodles, Classic Baked Jacket Potato, Subz Biryani, Thai Green Chicken Curry, Murgh Biryani. The live counters had the most crowd for the pastas and Tikki Chole! Breads like Sheermal, Naan and Garlic Bread were definitely a hit. And the desserts – Gulab Jamun, Caramel Custard and Soufflé got their due. I have postponed the formal launch party to a later date. But with this great dinner I will have to work out for an extra hour!

Hot Rocks, the first stone grill restaurant of its kind, has officially opened its doors for the ever discerning foodies of Hyderabad. A buffet with food grilled on stone awaits at Hot Rocks, RS Square Hotels and Resorts Pvt. Ltd., E 3 & 4, 5th Floor, Kimtee Square, Road No 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034.

Cooked some fancy pastas for my daughters for Sunday dinner! And now back to planning out the week and busy time ahead. Time for lunch, time to go.

Till I write again

Sanjeev Kapoor.