Counting days for Maha Challenge!

Just wrapped up with the Teen Patti shoots yesterday. There are a lot of blueberry dishes alongwith simple chicken preparations and lots of warm desserts to look for in this schedule. And as I finished with this, it’s too much excitement for the upcoming and much awaited FoodFood’s Maha Challenge with Ms. Madhuri Dixit Nene. The shoots to begin from August 1, 2011 at a studio in Dahisar and will go on for almost twenty odd days. A little about the show – the show will consist of two teams with eight participants, mentored by Madhuri and me, which will be followed by normal elimination by the jury and the judges, who are yet to be finalized. Pretty hectic, I must say! But surely going to be fun with all the enthusiastic fans and a healthy competition between the teams. Eagerly looking forward to this event!
Amongst all this shoot mayhem, it just completely slipped off from my mind…it’s been almost five years since the day Mumbai was trapped in heavy rains and floods. It still gives me goosebumps thinking about that chaotic and terrible day, which all the Mumbaikars experienced and can never forget! Somethings sometimes become just too real to be true!
Coming back to the shoot sessions, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi’s Turban Tadka is all set to roll on from July 29 to July 31, 2011. Preparations are going on in full swing for this fun-filled schedule. More to come on this one and as I end, this time, let me share some really yummy and tasty dishes…

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

Just another day at work…with a touch of fun and masti!!!

The entire KKPL team
In this season of IPL, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazana members planned up a Box Cricket Session in the office premises. “Khana Khazana Premier League (KKPL)” as it was termed, took place on May 31, 2011 where everyone decided to indulge in a cricket match in full spirits, leaving aside the work for sometime!
The office studio was transformed into a pitch where all players practiced as well before the actual matches took off. As it is rightly said, that there is a kid in each one of us, so was it experienced in KKPL – each and every member was excited as a kid to play and win.
Excellent teamwork was demonstrated by all the four teams namely ‘The Challengers’ headed by captain Rajeev Matta, ‘The TT Kings’ headed by captain Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, ‘Khazana Knights’ headed by captain Satyaki Mukherjee and ‘PAASMA Tigers’ headed by captain Chef Anupa Das.
Match 1 was between The Challengers and Khazana Knights, of which the former team won and qualified for the finals. Match 2 was between The TT Kings and PAASMA Tigers where the latter won to play the finals against The Challengers.
The Challengers finally emerged as winners beating the PAASMA Tigers in a neck-to-neck match. The former team players no doubt played really well, but not to forget, the performances of the latter team is equally worth a mention. All the players gave a tough fight to each one of their opponents. The winning team was awarded the Khazana Hampers which consisted of various goodies.
All in all, this game of cricket, which is loved and enjoyed by one and all, ended with the right sportsmanship and just the apt mood. Each Khazana member entertained and performed with the right feel. The entire studio was filled with fun, excitement, relaxation and music. Finally, the team spirit shown by all was celebrated with coffee/tea and some yummy sandwiches!
Way to go Khazanaites!
With the summer heat pacing up, it’s time to gorge on those sinful icecreams. Here are some of them…
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

Secrets soon to be revealed!

From L-R: Chef Jaaie, Chef Aesha, Chef Sheetal, Chef Rohit, Chef Dilpreet, Chef Saurabh Saxena, Chef Anupa Das, Chef Kiranpreet
FoodFood Maha Challenge event at Goregaon yesterday was great fun! Did things a little differently this time and instead of cooking myself I invited the guests on stage and gave them a chance to cook for us! It was worth – the look of pure joy and pleasure that they wore while cooking in front of such a large audience. We got some excellent egg lachcha and pizzas on stage as a result! Massive turnout and I also used this opportunity to introduce all the chefs on my FoodFood team to the Mumbai crowd: Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi who does Turban Tadka, Chef Anupa Das of Sirf 30 and Chef Rakesh Sethi of Chai Nashta.
Okay, I have announced ‘secrets soon to be revealed’. The best of the best of my restaurant recipes are being worked upon under the able guidance of Chef Saurabh Saxena who has been on my The Yellow Chilli team for some time now. He has been instrumental in opening many restaurants with his expertise. As you can see in the pic, the team is excited about the new experience, their uniforms and of course, the whole atmosphere where they are learning with every chop, crackle and hiss! The recipes are being reworked with the view that a cook at home can replicate the restaurant recipe with ease at home: all flavours are authentic and all the secrets will be revealed to you. In fact, this is one book that will be a must on every book shelf.
For sharing some flavours try…
Have fun!
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor