Feeling the New York chills…

Finally, I get the hang of what is called the actual winter! I am here at the New York airport, writing for the blog, while the temperature outside is 9° C. This seems to be a pretty good change into the full wintery mode after the pleasant weather of Mumbai. Really looking forward to the rest of my hectic tourof US and Canada…
In India, for a while: two new publications recently came up namely Vegetarian Soups, containing handpicked selection of Indian and international soups to brighten up meals and just what one would need for the Mumbai weather these days and Vegetarian After-School Snacks, an extensive variety of mouth-watering snacks to tackle the young tummies. The recipes are worth giving a try on. Amongst the rest, the shoots for the new channel, FOODFOOD, are going on in full swing at the office and everybody is very busy and on their toes for it.
Back to my US trip, enough hype has already been created for the book launch for which a press conference has been arranged in New York. A food show is also lined up in Toronto. So, it is going to be long travellings and a lot of media happenings for which I will keep on reporting as I proceed…
While in New York, just incase I can manage some time (which I’m sure I will, in this case!), I will be visiting my friend Rajesh Bhardwaj and check on his outlet Café Spice as I love visiting that place. This is one place which has the right ambiance to give me the Indian feeling and not miss home while I am out of the country.
Incase you are looking for some good recipes, let me share some of the recipes which you can try:

Till I write again…

Sanjeev Kapoor

Donate to support the cause of increasing awareness on Autism

We are trying to raise funds for the Forum for Autism that helps in creating awareness on Autism and children affected with it. It is also a parent support group, a registered Charitable Trust, formed to help out parents of Autistic children in our society.

We at Khana Khazana have started a contribution drive for this initiative and the feedback on the very first day is highly promising. Charity begins at home – keeping this adage on mind, the first contribution is from us; a token amount of Rs. 20,000. The list as of now goes like this,

1. Sanjeev Kapoor, Mumbai Rs. 10,000

2. Alyona Kapoor, Mumbai Rs. 10,000

3. Anonymous, Mumbai Rs. 4,000

4. Anonymous, Gurgaon Rs. 4,000

I am happy thatthis sums upto Rs. 28,000.

For donations you can send a cheque payable to: “United Way of Mumbai” and courier it to the following address:

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Khana Khazana India Private Limited

C-18, Dalia Estate, Near Fun Republic,

Off New Link Road, Andheri (W),

Mumbai – 400 053, India

All donations for the Marathon are exempt under Sec 80G of the income Tax Act. You will get the receipt and tax deduction certificate for this donation

We look forward to your donations that will surely help in spreading awareness on Autism. We will keep updating the collection details through our website / blog / twitter/ facebook pages.


Alyona & Sanjeev Kapoor