Vegetarian recipes – a treasure hunt

Top 5 vegetarian recipes for a simple Indian house hold could mean some vegetable preparations like Baingan Ka Bharta or Aloo Wadi, or rice preparations like Lemon Rice or Peas Pulao, or even Aloo Parantha with curd for breakfast! There is such a huge repertoire of vegetarian recipes that it is simply not possible to pin down just 5. But if there is something that could make vegetables more and more interesting for you and your family then it could be worthwhile to go through this.

Minding your ‘P’s: If there is one vegetable that invites feelings of extreme, that is peas! Either you love them or you don’t! These can be compared with the greens only as far as the content of vitamins and minerals salts is concerned. What broad beans and peas have in more quantities than most of the other vegetables is sugar and second class protein. One very important part played in our diets is by the dried version of peas and beans called pulses. Of course there is very little Vitamin A in pulses and vitamin C is amiss! Pulses can be used as providers of protein and more so, if had in the sprouted form.
Waterless wonders: The most familiar form of dehydrated vegetables are the pulses. More popular on the shelves are the easy to cook variety of branded recipes that make the use of dehydrated vegetables. When there is availability of fresh vegetables these glamorous packets are hopefully a passing fad for quick pre-prepared meals.
For more exotic recipes, sun-dried tomatoes, dried onion flakes, garlic powder and onion powder are ready to be bought in specialised food stores.
As modern times demand time saving recipes, there is some finery that can go in the freezer. That could also help in formulating top 5 vegetarian recipes. The most common of all the frozen vegetables is the quintessential peas. As the quality of frozen peas has been improving with time, they are easy to cook and taste as good as fresh. Having a few packs of these in the freezer are saviours on many a tricky occasion. Also a new fad are the frozen ready-to-fry branded french fries that seem to be hit with kids. Try something novel like Crusty Potato Fingers.
‘Can’ be a veggie all year: Handy in a tin will come button mushrooms, baby corns, corn niblets, asparagus, artichokes and of course baked beans. They certainly come in handy when the fresh are not available.
With this hunt on for top 5 vegetarian recipes, the wave of vegetarianism is reaching its crest, it is possible that variety available such as this will cater to all sorts of palates. Vegetarian cooking is fun and what with the scope for experimentation creativity can be given a free rein.