How about some easy Indian recipes? Read on…

Easy peasy recipes for the lover of Indian food are available easily in books and various websites. But what I have realized is that the best way to make any recipe look easy and doable is to watch it being done, live or a taped version. You can then see the changes in the colour of the food as well as have the pleasure of the aromas when you see a live demo!
When it comes to discussing the latest easy Indianrecipes to make there is going to be reams to be written about it!  Doing the rounds of late are some main course dishes, that are traditional for most Indians across the country, but somewhat eclectic for those who reside outside the country. Let us look at BesanwaliBhindi: What you should look at buying are tender pods of the ladyfingers that will cook in a jiffy. Best way to treat the ladyfingers is to wash and wipe immediately on buying so that whenever you want to cook them they are ready for use. Preparation requires the tops and tails to be trimmed off so that most of the sticky juices are out of the way. The gramflour gives the dish a delicious crispiness. Well, I love it like this with some dal and rice.
Another dish that comes out quick and contemporary in my thoughts is Andhra Chilli Chicken. It is a bit like tandoori chicken but the essential flavour is more of curry leaves and red chillies that give it a character typical of South Indian cuisine. I like the fact that is pan fried in minimal oil and is fairly hassle free to cook.
One more of my favourite latest easy Indian recipe is BrownBasmati Pulao. I have switched over to brown rice many many years ago and loving every grain of it to say! This recipe is so simple to follow that I would love even novice cooks to give it a shot. Healthy, fuss free this is a one dish meal that is best accompanied with a bowl of yogurt.
Gradually I will take toward more easy Indian recipes. I have many queries about roti/chapatti so let me first guide you how to knead the dough easily. Take out 2 cups of dryatta & a cup full of water.  Mix in half a cup of water into this atta. Using your fingers, loosely mix the flour and the water changing it into a crumbly mixture. You can add in a splash of oil. Keep adding water slowly, pressing the heels of your hands firmly into the dough, pushing forward slightly, using the fingers to mix the dry atta well into the wet bits. Keep adding little water and mixing the flour using the fingers and palm, turning it into a ball of atta. Making use of your palms, fist & fingers keep on kneading the atta with pushes punching and rolling it into a desired consistency. If the atta is sticky sprinkle a little dry flour and knead and if it appears a little dry, sprinkle a little water, knead again and smoothen the dough.  Keep kneading till it is smooth, soft and quite stretchable. Push a finger into the dough, if it creates a depression and immediately bounces back without leaving the finger sticky, it is ready to use. I will begin with the method of how to roll out the roti and cook it on the griddle easily in my next piece…so if you are a budding cook looking out for basic Indian greats, you are in the right place!