How about some coffee?

Why do people enjoy coffee so much? Is it because of caffeine being a stimulant to the nervous system, an instant energy provider or just a great mood enhancer? The bitter sweet taste of coffee is unique to the tongue and the scintillating aroma of the coffee beans is irresistible.

All the coffee lovers can thank a man named Omar from Ethiopia and the random expedition of, his search for wild berries. After discovering cherries with distinct seeds, he decided to boil them. With the assumption of being able to consume them, they in fact became hard and left a concoction behind. He had never smelled or seen anything like this, and decided to drink the caffeine infused liquid. The revitalized energy that he gained was spoken about, and soon the information about coffee spread all over. Countries went gaga over the effect; taste and aroma of the coffee bean, and there began the trade, from Ethiopia, to Europe and gradually the whole world. These are how most of the greatest inventions are made, with just a random stroke of luck!

The first of the two kinds of coffees, is called Arabica, and is grown in the hot and humid climate of the middle-east. This strong scented bean, has a milder flavor with sweet undertones. This is the finest form of coffee and is consumed by 60% of the world’s population. Where- as a lot of people prefer the taste of the sharper and bitter kind, called Robusta. Largely grown in Vietnam, and is used in production of the ever famous instant coffee and cappuccino. Everyone has their days where they want to just enjoy the soothing taste of coffee; mood for Arabica, and also a day where they need a kick start to their day and mood with strong caffeine; mood for Robusta.

Coffee is famous all around the world, and majority of the people start and end their day with a nice cup of coffee. And with the widespread use of coffee, it has reached beyond the consumption of just as a beverage. A substantial rub of flavorsome coffee on steak is something unusual but very tasty, a popular additive in various bakes like brownies, cakes and the ever famous Tiramisu, and also an ingredient in vinaigrette for the dressing of salads. Isn’t it great, how the flavours of coffee can be tampered with, from extreme bitter, to flavorsome and also sweet enough, to satisfy all the ends of the palate?

When a bean is in such high demand, one wonders what the benefits are. Many will be surprised but the consumption of coffee reduces physical pain, stress and the chances of heart diseases. With the abundance of many antioxidants and nutrients, it aids in boosting the immunity and energy levels.

With so many health benefits and ways in which it can be cooked, coffee remains one of the best inventions in the world. Because no one needs an excuse to have coffee, it’s a mood enhancer, conversation starter and stress reliever. As the say, you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy coffee and both are pretty much the same.


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