Sugar to Sugar Free…

 PicMonkey Collage1 All of us grew up using refined white sugar. And the ugly news associated with sugars was that most were processed into all kinds of foods we ate. These sugars often carried a high glycemic index rating which means that the sugars were absorbed into the bloodstream faster.

Hence, consuming too much of these nutritive sweeteners or sugar grains resulted in an ‘n’ number of health issues like diabetes, obesity and other heart diseases. So, with some innovation and the human grey matter working at its best, came the invention of artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes that could give us the benefit of enjoying the sweet taste minus the excessive calorie intake. Yes we are talking about the Zydus wellness prodigy Sugar Free, where the products were a lot more times sweeter than the plain white sugar, yet did less harm to the body. And even the doctors didn’t hesitate in prescribing these for a much healthier lifestyle.

However, with changing times and the constant increase in stress levels due to the super-hectic lifestyles, human health woes increased by leaps and bounds. And the fact that we cannot have a diet completely free of sugar is also true! So, what did we do? Just relied on Sugar Free and ultimately made it a lifestyle product that could be bought off the supermarket shelves – anytime, anywhere! Not anymore did we wait for a specialist to tell us that we need it. We actually knew how much and why we needed it, and helped ourselves!

Sugar Free is a product that comes in various forms, shapes and sizes that can be used in almost every way that you use sugar in. The best part is that it gives you all the goodness of sugar minus the calories. Right from baking luscious desserts to sweetening our daily cups of chai and coffee to creating marvelous mithais – the range of Sugar Free products comes handy in every way. It is meant for people from all walks of life – the only criteria being the need to live a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Available in several forms to make your life simpler, Sugar Free comes in the form of a drop, powder and pellet.

1 drop of Sugar Free Natura Sweet Drops = 1 teaspoon of sweetness

1 sachet Sugar Free Natura = 2 teaspoons of sweetness

1 pellet of Sugar Free Natura = 1 teaspoon of sweetness

So choose your pick, depending on what you want to do with it. These are freely soluble in water at both high and low temperatures and therefore, can be used in most food products. It is also heat stable and ideal for cooking and baking without any loss in sweetness. It can be used for making a wide range of foodstuffs besides being used as a tabletop sweetener like in tea, coffee, lassis and it also churns out delicious ice creams.

And before the end, just a little tip, all sugar free sweets and desserts need not necessarily be completely free of all sugar. It actually depends on the ingredients of the sweet preparation. If it has fruits and dry fruits, they have natural sugars. In case you do pick up any food item with the label ‘no sugar’ or ‘low sugar’ or ‘reduced sugar,’ remember that they all contain carbohydrates! For more tips & Recipes Visit







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