Sugar Free chilling served here!

  The one and only thing that comes to mind to counter the scorching heat is to indulge in something cool. Heavy, heat inducing food is shunned and thoughts turn to just, cooling stuff. But when the chillers are loaded with sugar, it becomes a weight watchers landmine.

Replace your sugar tins with a pack of Sugar Free Natura Sweet Drops or Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar and you can avoid up to 500 calories every day. Being a zero calorie sweetener, these can be added to any of those refreshing beverages. Here are some ways that you can use it, rest is upto your imagination. Innovate, create and enjoy the taste without any stress about added calories!

Cool curds!

Are you a curd lover like I am? And you cannot imagine consuming this super cooling food without some sugar in it? Switch to the Sugar Free Natura Sweet Drops now! Add a few drops, mix and relish it the way you do with plain sugar. You can also use it to prepare the very Bangla mishti doi.


Ice ice baby!

You can have instant lime squash if you squeeze out juice from a few lemons, add Sugar Free Natura Sweet Drops, some fresh mint leaves and freeze in an ice tray. When you have unexpected guests, just throw in a few of these flavoured ice cubes in a jug of water and a cool tangy drink is ready to serve!


Spice it up!

Want to take those lovely crispy and refreshing fruit chaats, kachumbers or other sweet snacks to another level without compromising on the calorie intake? The Sugar Free products is the answer. Here’s a simple mix that gets done in a jiffy – equal amounts of chaat masala, red chilli powder, dried mango powder (amchur), cumin powder, black salt and about 2 level spoons of the Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar. Mix it up, sprinkle and experience the magic!


For the soup souls!

This is the perfect time to treat yourselves with some fabulous cold soups! And let the Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar take care of your health. Just substitute granulated sugar with a level spoon of this wonder product and let the soup chill your system instantly. Gazpachos, Peach and Thyme Cold Soup, Cold Apple Soup, Watermelon Soup and what not! Try it, its quite classy too!


Just before I end, here’s another tip, make your own almond masala milk/kulfi mix with 100 grams almonds, 100 grams milk powder, 2 teaspoons Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar, a few cardamoms and saffron to flavour. Blend all these to a coarse mixture. Store and use whenever you want! Visit

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