Sugar Free – 5 most frequently asked questions

Are you one of those who are super health conscious or calorie counting with every morsel or need to keep a check on your cholesterol levels? If yes, then Sugar Free products are the one-stop solution for you. Presenting some FAQ’s that’ll help you get to know the product better.

SFN Carton 100 Sachets Sikkim

  1. Is sugar Free meant only for diabetics or can it be consumed by people without blood sugar issues too?

While Sugar Free products are ideal for diabetics, they can also be consumed by people who suffer from health risks such as obesity and high cholesterol levels. The range of products is also apt for those who want to watch their weight, control calorie intake and stay fit in general. However, it is advised to avoid using sugar free for kids.

  1. Can sugar free be heated or is a product only for table top applications?

Unlike other artificial sweeteners, Sugar Free is stable when heated and is appropriate for cooking or baking food products. So, you can bake a number of delicious cakes, cookies and other similar delights minus any added calories from sugar with just this one product.

  1. Is it okay to consume it on a daily basis?

If you consume sugar every day, there is absolutely no harm in consuming Sugar Free too because it gives you the taste of sugar minus the calories. Plus, it is a natural source of sweetness composed of glucose and fructose which leads you to a healthier lifestyle one day at a time.

  1. Sugar Free products are dangerous for health?

Sugar Free products are approved by the WHO, USFDA and FSSAI – some of the most reliable health organizations of the world. It doesn’t provide you with any nutrition but it doesn’t harm you any way either – Sugar Free is a non-nutritive sweetener, which passes through your body virtually unchanged so you just get the sweet taste without any side effects.

  1. Does Sugar Free has and unpleasant aftertaste?

Sugar Free doesn’t have an aftertaste. In fact it has a natural taste just like sugar. It comes in two varieties made with Aspartame which is 600 times sweeter than sugar and Sucralose which is 200 times sweeter than sugar. So, just a drop or a tiny spoonful is more than enough to give you sweetness like a load of sugar would.

Have any other questions about Sugar Free? Shoot them at us in the comments section below and we will try our best to answer them!

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