London like never before!

It was more than time for me and my family to unwind. And this time the destination that was selected pretty unanimously by all of us at home was London! London is definitely one of my favourite places to visit anytime! So, we just packed our bags for some London thumak da time!

Also, like my other trips, that end up being more of work and less of recreation most of the times, this time I had decided that its going to be vice versa! And when it’s London, its pretty much useless to prepare an itinerary from before because there is so much to do, see and eat in this British city!  So, from the ‘Eye’ to the ‘Big Ben’ to the natural ‘Hot Springs’ and the ‘Stonehenge’ – I intend to tick off maximum, if not all, items on my London Bucket List this time!

Cannot really share each and everything from my trip, for this tiny city is HUGE for sure *pun intended*! So, here are some of the best things to happen till now! And in imagery, because a picture is worth a thousand words!

At the iconic London Eye and Big Ben with family – these are definitely getting framed on my wall, back at home in Mumbai!

 Bus tour

The Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tour – can never miss this one even today! It’s absolutely crazy to explore this beautiful city as a tourist! Don’t miss Alyona in the background and the weather! 


Trafalgar SquareAt the very popular Trafalgar Square, this time minus the pigeon-feeding session! Did you know that the Nelson’s Column was built to commemorate Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805?

 Wiltshire, stonehenge

At the prehistoric Stonehenge in Wiltshire. This monument is over 5000 years old and was supposedly built to cremate the dead at that time. It is also believed to be older than the Egyptian pyramids!   

Glimpses of the city of Bath, a UNESCO certified World Heritage Site.

Bath is a major tourist centre with 1 million plus staying visitors and 3.8 million per day visitors per year. While the city has many tourist centred places like theatres, museums and other cultural and sporting venues, it also has very active and evolved software, publishing and service-oriented industries.


Bath is also known for its natural hot springs of the Roman Era and 18th-century Georgian architecture.

Bath 3 At the magnificent, peaceful and serene Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Bath. Did you know that the church has a cruciform plan that is, having a shape of the Christian cross and a seating of 1200? 

 Birthday celebrations with the familyAnd this one is one of my favourites! Cutting the customary birthday cake arranged by my family as a part of the typical English breakfast – wish time just stopped!


As I end, sharing a favourite tea cake recipe that goes with all the London vibe! Yes, there’s a slight twist to it, but it still is as fabulous as the authentic one! Enjoy…






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