You hot thing!

Heard foodies and gourmands talking about Sriracha being a hot trend this year? If not, then we tell you – its definitely trending. ‘Ketchup with a kick’ is what pro chefs have been terming this fiery and tangy chilli garlic paste which is nothing but a blend of peppers, garlic, sugar, distilled vinegar and salt. The name has its origin to the district ‘Si Racha’ in Thailand.

And the reasons for it going mainstream? Simple – the versatility it possesses! Its tasty, and not only sharp and piquant, but has body and balance too! Hence, people like it and restaurateurs are swearing by it. From burgers, sandwiches to cocktails and desserts – sriracha has been ruling the roost since last year and still is fashionable. Sriracha Bloody Mary, anyone? Or maybe Sriracha Lollipops, what say?

We have been working with this cool-hot ingredient in our kitchen and we pretty much believe that it is quite addictive! It can make a simple dish unique and do wonders with the taste. A humble Grilled Veggie Sandwich can be glamorized with this sauce. Here’s what you need to do. Easy does it!

Begin by marinating the veggies of your choice with oil, crushed peppercorns, salt, chilli flakes, fresh thyme and garlic – zucchinis, green tomato, red tomato, onion, and brinjal is what we chose. Grill these lovelies till perfectly golden. Time for some sriracha! Mix mayonnaise and the super sauce and spread it on toasted bread slices. Top with some crisp lettuce and grilled veggies. End by covering to make a proper sandwich or just serve like that for an open sandwich. The choice is yours.

Also, meat lovers can experiment with as many options as they want. Sriracha any which way goes great with all kinds of flesh!

Also, you can try some of these creations by replacing the usual sauces with the sauce in vogue! Check out these fabulous recipes on

  • Moroccan Chicken Meatball with Arugula – replace the harissa sauce with sriracha and taste the difference.

Moroccan Chicken Meatball with Arugula

  • Toss up a yummy Sichuan Fried Rice with sriracha instead of the very oriental Sichuan sauce.


  • Tabasco gets replaced with sriracha in the simple yet tasty Spinach Feta and Tomato Omelette.

Spinach Feta and Tomato Omelette

  • A very different version of the desi Chicken 65 minus the red chilli paste, plus the sriracha.

Chicken 65

Still thinking as to whether to get a bottle of sriracha or no? We advise, you certainly should as it is one hell-of-a-sauce! And don’t forget to share your sriracha recipes with us.

Move over Tabasco, Schezwan and other hot sauces for it’s the age of the sriracha!


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