Raising the flag

The Standard Charted Marathon has evolved into a tradition that I look forward to each year, just like the cause, Autism, that I run for has become something that I totally and wholeheartedly believe in. The forum for autism is a parent support group, which does a commendable job, day in and day out, making life for autistic people easier. Running and garnering support for this cause gives a whole new perspective to my life. A big thank you to Chef Ranveer Brar, Ravi and Chitra Iyer, my colleagues, family members and friends for making the marathon this year a memorable one- The dream run is indeed help fulfilling some dreams.


You can know more about the forum for Autism here. http://forumforautism.org/about-us/

While on the topic, not all causes need a monetary donation and our precious time works just as well. The NDTV Cleanathon is one such thing.

The NDTV Cleanathon requires each one of us to aim and work for a cleaner India, together and by starting from our very own homes, streets and surroundings. Sharing the stage with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, the campaign ambassador was inspiring as always. Along with my team of 40,000 entrepreneurs of WonderChef, my team members at SK Restaurants have pledged 2.4 Lac hours towards in the next 1 year. Along with support and pledges from several prestigious individuals and organizations, the 12 hour live Cleanathon on Sunday garnered a total of 1.16 crore hours this year for clean-up drives across India. It’s time each one of us does the little things that make our bodies, minds, home environment, society, city and country clean and green and beautiful – like it is meant to be!

Go ahead and pledge your time here http://swachhindia.ndtv.com/pledge-time-join-clean-drive-across-india/

It’s a great cause and plus it is YOU who is going to reap the benefits of a clean, healthy and beautiful India!


Raise the flag, spread awareness and do your bit for a cause everyone should believe in.

Start today start now to realize the dream of a #swachchbharat!

#mycleanIndia #swachhbharat #cleanathon #ndtvcleanathon #mumbaimarathon #forumforautism #cause #support #india

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