So what are you doing on 31st?

This is the most asked question this time of the year. It is de rigueur to be doing something on 31st December, read partying. Over the years on the 31st, I’ve been away from home on business trips, been abroad with family, partied with friends, but never at home not ‘doing’ anything on 31st. This year, call it getting wiser or what you may, I want to be home on 31st. I don’t want to be bringing in the new year screaming my new year wishes to people that matter, over the party din, I want to bring in the new year on a meaningful note. I want to convey what I want for my loved ones in the new year in a way they can hear, clear and in the tone it’s meant to be heard in. I believe that at the end of the day the true meaning of the word enjoying is doing something that brings you joy, it’s not about letting the world know that you were at XYZ’s party or aboard a yacht or at this hip club. Do what brings you joy. Do what makes you happy. Do what will go into your life’s scrapbook in that mellow shade of gold, after all every new year deserves a fresh start.

So what are you doing on 31st?

2 thoughts on “So what are you doing on 31st?

  1. Deepa

    31st Dec 2014
    Toronto Canada
    I live in a Toronto Canada. I have been to Sanjeev Kapoor‘s restaurant in Dubai and the food was excellent, succulent, light and a variety of spicy and non-spicy dishes served beautifully. I always thought that it would be a good idea for Toronto to have its own Khazana as well. So when Khazana opened in Toronto (Brampton), I wanted to savour the dishes once again .Unfortunately, I came away gravely disappointed.
    The food, Service and ambience (in Toronto/Brampton) were far below the standard that I was used to experiencing in other Sanjeev Kapoor restaurants. The food was overtly spicy and the ingredients did not seem to blend together. There was nothing light and delicate about the dishes, all dishes tasted about the same and attention to detail was sorely missed. In general, the food & restaurant was nowhere close the quality we have come to expect from the Sanjeev Kapoor brand. The experience was one of a down-market corner stone Desi restaurant, however quoting designer, upmarket prices. Clearly, the folks running the restaurant lack experience running a high-quality restaurant and are simply looking to cash in on Khazana brand. Given the experience, I won’t give it long before they dilute the brand in Canada.
    As examples:
    1. The fried papads which were served before the meal were drenched & dripping in oil to the point where it was uncomfortable to even hold. I even took a picture which I shall be enclosing.
    2. The service lacked knowledge about the menu and were extremely casual. Upon asking the waitress if there was anything less spicy that I could order, she said there was nothing. Anyways, I finally decided to order chicken tikka masala. The meat was fibrous and lacked basic marinade. This made it seem like boiled chicken floating in a red sauce. The chicken dishes I’ve had in Dubai were moist, succulent and blended together splendidly with the tikka sauce. More-over, the dish came with loose hair strands in it with has to be a big health code violation.
    On advising the waitress and owner of this, they non-chalantly exchanged the tikka masala for butter chicken. The new dish had the same gravy albeit a little sweeter.
    3. The constant back and forth finally resulted in everyone on the table losing their appetites so we decided to take the left-overs home. The remains were shabbily packed. (paper used to wrap the roti’s instead of aluminium foil that all other restaurants use)
    I brought up all these points with the owner who blamed the sub-standard quality on the restaurant being in pre-launch. However, I didn’t pay “pre-launch prices”, so why should I get pre-launch food?! That being said, I believe that this was simply an excuse.

    I write this email, because I have always been a fan of Sanjeev Kapoor restaurants and a regular patron at the Dubai outlet. It’s a shame that this experience has left me thoroughly jaded and as it is, I don’t expect to ever return to this Toronto restaurant.
    Deepa Prakash

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