What next?

Like the rest of the world I too watched the news about the killing of innocent children in Pakistan, in shock, rage and grief. I can’t even begin to fathom what the parents of the slain children are going through, what kind of pain and trauma the survivors are going through, what the helpless dead children went through when death came in the form of uninformed, ignorant, evil fiends. Militants who are a blot on humanity.

What kind of a world do we inhabit? What kind of a world are we leaving to our children, our future? We are leaving behind hate, hurt, anger…We’ve always been taught that good triumphs over evil, truth finds its way and shines brightly through the darkest lies…when will it all happen? After half the human race is wiped out?

The need of the hour is for the world to shun borders, differences and political agendas and come together to fight evil. Millions of dollars are poured into advancing technology, improving gadgets, conquering space, but if you ask me, I would say that all that money should be spent on eradicating evil from the face of earth. The world can do without another hi-tech cellphone, but it cannot do without its children!

pakistan shoe
What we need is world peace, at any cost!

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