Why brown is Best

Why does brown rice get such a rap? Ever thought about it? Most people share a common myth that brown rice is insipid and takes a very long time to cook. The vagaries of the mind and associated myths that I must clear as a chef are never ending, this being one of the most common. So what is brown rice? – A question that pervades many young adult minds.

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Brown rice is one of the best and healthiest things to partake.  In addition, to being healthy rich in fiber, cholesterol-lowering fats and nutritious minerals and antioxidants – brown rice has a deep, nutty flavor and texture that’s tasty and definitely not boring. In fact, it is loaded with nutrients as well as taste.

After the husk or the outermost protective, but non-nutritive layer is removed from a grain of rice you get brown rice. Brown rice retains the nutrient rich bran layer that gives you a higher nutritive value in terms of protein, iron, vitamins and essential minerals. It is this fibrous bran coating that gives brown rice its light tan color, nutlike flavor and chewy texture.

Brown rice isn’t a recent health fad; it has been on the Indian plate ever since we discovered rice! What’s more it comes in both short and long grain varieties. With time, more and more people are picking brown rice over white rice, especially in urban India, due to easy availability and the growing understanding that white rice is stripped off the nutritious bran layer which is present in brown rice. In fact let me tell you my secret; I introduced Brown rice to my family by introducing it during dinner amongst friends. The benefits and different taste got such rave reviews that we switched to using Brown rice regularly without batting an eye.

I have also found a friend in Daawat quick cooking brown rice because unlike other kinds of Brown rice it cooks in just 15 minutes. Daawat brown rice is available in the longer, fluffier more fragrant Basmati variety in most stores. Buy these in 1 kg or 5 kg packets, depending on your usage and consume within 6 months of purchase, like you should do with any kind of rice.

Actually, if the basmati is brown, then it’s a case of sone pe suhaga, as the phrase in Hindi goes.

Here’s a list my seven reasons why I advocate Brown rice and particularly Daawat Basmati Rice to enjoy meal times with family:

  1. Brown basmati rice is rich in fiber: 1 cup of brown rice provides 3.5 grams of dietary fiber. It is extremely important as it is said that fiber in your food clings to the chemicals that can cause cancer and it takes it away from colon and breast cells and eliminates them by way of waste. Thus, helps prevent cancer of the colon and breast. Fiber is also good for the smooth functioning of your heart. To support heart health, the American Heart Association recommends eating 25-30 grams of fiber daily. It is recommended to take them from good sources like fruits, vegetables, beans or whole grain brown rice.
  2. Rich source of vitamins and anti-oxidants: whole grains like brown rice are good sources of many vitamins and minerals. The bioactive components of whole grains appear to work synergistically and are rich sources of anti-oxidants. Brown rice is also gluten-free and contains no trans-fat or cholesterol and only a trace amount of fat and sodium. It is said though not confirmed that a cup of brown basmati rice contains 88% of the recommended daily dose of manganese and selenium. Manganese prevents damage from the free radicals created during the production of energy; it also is a key player in the fatty acids’ synthesis. Selenium is said to destroy cancer cells and regulate the thyroid hormone metabolism. Brown basmati rice is rich in magnesium, a vital compound in promoting bone strength.
  3. Helps fight diabetes better: research says that having two servings of brown basmati rice or just brown rice, per week lowers the risk of contracting diabetes.
  4. Keeps you fit: weight watchers are going to love this! Brown rice and whole grains in particular aid in weight management by adding bulk and making a person feel fuller so they are less likely to overeat. This is also confirmed by many renowned dieticians/researchers’, one of them being International dietician Keli Hawthorne, a registered dietitian at BCM. (Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, Houston). Weight loss happens due to many reasons, for example, exercising, eating right things, etc. But by eating brown rice, one consumes fiber, which results in better bowel movements, which in turn leads to a healthier lifestyle.
  5. Cooks faster: conventionally brown rice takes about 45-50 minutes to cook, but Daawat brown basmati is in fact India’s only quick cooking brown rice as it is processed with Hydration Enhancement Technology (HET). HET helps water penetrate the grain faster while cooking, so you can serve wholesome brown rice goodness in just 12-15 minutes.
  6. Daawat brown basmati rice makes a delicious and wholesome addition to your table, besides being healthy. In fact, you can easily swap white rice with brown rice for most Indian/Pan Asian or Middle Eastern recipes. Since it is fragrant you can serve it up just like that with curd or curries or add tons of veggies to make a smart and satisfying meal. This rice works especially well when flavored with a small amount of saffron and cardamom to use in pulaos and biryanis or even jeera rice. You can cook up a variety of dishes from breakfast to dessert like Brown rice aromatic Biryani or pulao, 15 minutes Brown Fried Rice, Brown Rice Bake, Brown rice, Risotto Brown Rice Pops, Brown rice Cake and Brown Rice Kheer etc.
  7. Well Daawat brown basmati rice will make you feel rich and royal, but at the same time reduces fuel cost because it cooks faster than most other kinds of rice. In the long run, you’ll see how beneficial this turns out for your palate and your pocket!

With so many fabulous benefits, there is no reason for you to not switch to brown rice today!

Disclaimer – The generic benefits explained here are sourced from multiple references. The company or the client does not claim all the benefits except those pertaining to the technology


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