Innovate with Super foods!

Innovation station has become a tradition for us at office! For those of you who don’t know about it, it is a cooking face-off between the extremely talented chefs at office held every year for the past 6 years. This year we went two steps ahead and included all the staff to be a part of it, everybody from accounts to production to editorial, put on their thinking caps and cooking aprons to come up with some fabulous dishes using super foods as main ingredients!

Each team was provided with one super food each, which was expected to be the star of their recipe. At the same time they were allocated a limited budget, time slot and had to face the pressure to plate up a never seen before dish in competition with colleagues. With 5 chefs heading the five teams, there were some extraordinary recipes that we had the pleasure to taste and a very difficult time judging. After much deliberation all of us picked a winning recipe and a winning team.

The Winning team! – Their recipe was called Beet it! This team led by chef Siddharth made a the most delicious lava cake with beetroot and white chocolate enclosed in a lovely spun sugar nest, it came with a creamy beetroot ice cream.  What enhanced this was flambéed rum poured over the sugar nest which caused it to melt and reveal the lovely lava cake and infuse it with more flavour. This dish was a perfect mix of the right textures, flavours, temperatures and felt like a party in your mouth. All in all a brilliant food eating experience!
Beetroot Lava Cake (white chocolate and beetroot lava cake, sugar nest, beetroot ice cream and beetroot chips)

Beet It
Runners Ups – Chef Shalaka put in all her years of experience in the hotel industry to create a platter so beautiful, that we admired it for a full 5 minutes before actually digging into it. With the main ingredient as Kiwi, they made a chicken roulade filled with a delicious tangy kiwi salsa served with a number of other components like a kiwi and feta leather pouches, beetroot caviar, delicious mushroom foam, and some pretty looking edible flowers and micro greens all washed down with a kiwi caprioska. With so many interesting components and flavour profiles this dish was great to taste besides, being a beauty to look at!  The dish scored full marks for presentation and spelt innovation in the true sense.

Kiwi salsa with chicken (Mushroom Foam, Feta Kiwi Leather and Kiwi Caprioska) –

Kiwi Salsa With Chicken

The enthusiasm and the spirit in which the entire competition happened, makes me feel proud to have such a talented and enthusiastic team of people to work with! They say when competition is healthy and it is fun, there is no losing involved; everyone is a winner so here are the other recipes that were part of Innovation station 2014 at Office.

Misthi Doi Pannacotta

Mishti Doi Panacotta (served with a yogurt brittle, yogurt mawa waffles, yogurt truffles and a khuskhus rabri)

Sweet Potato Mille Feuille with Cheese Sauce
Sweet Potato Millie Feuille with cheese sauce ( along with a sweet potato rosti, sweet potato falafel, and a sweet potato filling)

Tricolour Quinoa Timbale with Tomato Sauce
Tricolour Quinoa Timbale with Tomato Sauce ( grilled zucchini strips, pesto quinoa, tomato quinoa, mushroom quinoa and a cheese quenelle)
These recipes are great to taste and with a little practice, you should be able to make these in your home kitchen and if you do, let us know how it turns out! Also here’s wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

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