I love my India!

I recently got an interesting tweet from Matt Preston, the famous chef from Master Chef Australia, about India and its glorious cuisine. Now I’ve been pretty vocal about my love for Indian cuisine and wanting to make it numero uno in the world, which is what lead Matt to ask me about my top five reasons to love Indian cuisine after he tweeted about his.
There are a million reasons for me to love Indian cuisine and limiting my answer to only ‘five’ sounded a little difficult! However, I did manage to zero-down to my top five reasons to love Indian food.
  1. ‘V’ for versatile: For a very simple reason, that in India, at every 50 kilometer, the language and food changes and how! This vastness and diversity attracts me the most.
  2. Spicy story: Being an Indian and growing up on this food, I can vouch for the fact that almost every Indian dish has atleast 10-15 spices and  herbs, at times contrasting flavours and tastes as well.
  3. Rich history: Indian cuisine has evolved over the years with foreign influences like Persian, Portuguese, Moghul, Chinese, British and more which creates variety like no other.
  4. Vegetarian variety: The sheer variety of vegetarian food available in India is mind- boggling, it is not possible to taste all the vegetarian delicacies available in India in one lifetime!
  5. Well kept secrets: Foodies should definitely look-out for the lesser publicized coastal seafood repertoire from the Western, Southern and Eastern parts of the Indian subcontinent. I highly recommend it!
Adding to the above, I would also say that after travelling all over the world, my verdict is Indian food is the most balanced meal. Even by default, it covers all nutritional parameters required by the body.
And when I’m talking about my favourite cuisine, how can I not share the plethora of desi recipes that are liked by me. Click onto http://www.sanjeevkapoor.com and you shall enter the world of many such recipes. For the video fanatics, clicking onto ‘sanjeevkapoorkhazana’ on YouTube would just about do the same thing!
Absolutely Indian and proud of it!

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