All for green!

world environment day

Last day at the sets of my show Cook Smart today, but its World Environment Day and it is not just my duty to share what I feel about it, as a responsible citizen, but I also think that it is one important topic that needs to be talked about and there is still a lot of awareness that needs to get across the masses.

Amidst the concrete jungles that we stay in these days, a single patch of green just enlivens up every single soul that comes across it. Such is the power of nature with all its beauty and glory! It is absolutely essential that we take care of Mother Nature and do every possible bit to help make it better and better everyday. There’s a lot that is being already talked about environment in general, I would just say that as individuals we should do our bits in preserving it.

For instance, when you out on the streets and are popping that favourite wafer of yours into your mouths, remember to dump the packet in a dust bin. If you cannot find one in the vicinity, keep it in your bag and once you reach home, dump in the dust bin there. Plant a sapling at your nearest park/playground, take its ownership and see it bloom into a gorgeous tree with beautiful flowers and delicious fruits. Stop torturing stray dogs or other animals for that matter, just for the fun part of it. Teach your kids the same. Stop using plastic bags, instead go earthy by using cloth bags – easy to use, easy to maintain and absolutely Earth friendly!

Like these, there could be so many other things that you can do in your daily routines that would add to the betterment of the environment. All it takes is just a jiffy to realize the worth of the nature that surrounds us…so, protect it and protect your future!

Eat. Sleep. Play. Go Green. Repeat!