A trip to remember

After spending more than two weeks at Australia, I am here to share my experience. Well, after successfully completing Season 1 ‘Out of Africa’ with an adventure-filled food safari through Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania on FoodFood, I was ready to embark upon yet another culinary expedition. Australia’s picturesque landscape, natural beauty, pristine beaches, the koala, kangaroo experience, its world renowned coral reef, ever popular wine and cheese, and wide-ranging assortment of cuisines, the didgeridoo and boomerang lessons, the adventure sports of surfing, hot air ballooning, sailing and above all its all-embracing culture code. To sum it up – I enjoyed this journey thoroughly.

At Kangaroo Island                                              Sydney Opera house in the backdrop

My food and adventure trail took me to various places in Australia. Alongwith my wife Alyona and the crew, we started from Brisbane Gold Coast (Queensland), Sydney, Blue Mountains (New South Wales), Melbourne, Great Ocean Road (Victoria) and Adelaide and ended at Kangaroo Island. Well, I gave too much information on my itinerary! Let’s talk about the fusion dish of India-Australia.

During our filming schedule at Kangaroo Island at Kate’s kitchen Source, we put the taste buds of our crew to the test: Indian palate or Australian? What championed as a ‘fusion dish’ was the Halumi Aubergine Zucchini Salad. Halumi tastes like our Indian paneer or chhena and the roasted, mashed aubergine has the texture of the traditional Indian baingan bharta albeit with a dash of spices to add zing. It certainly was a treat to try out this Halumi Paneer Baingan Bharta Zucchini Salad.

The new season of Out of the Word – Australia series is yet to go on air. Meanwhile, keep watching FoodFood channel for the new bunch of recipes. Enjoy!

Baingan and Potato Payda

Baingan Bharta Rolls
Happy Cooking! 

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  1. Anita Kelkar

    😊namaskaar sir ! so happy to read this all. you are our family. and i am proud to be with u through this mode of communication. please take care of your self . you are so precious. i always pray to GOD for you. you are GREAT GREAT GREAT.. ALWAYS WITH YOU—–ANITA—-
    Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 09:37:51 +0000
    To: kelkaranita@hotmail.com

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