May her soul rest in peace…

Tarla Dalal was a pioneer who bought home cooking into forefront and gave many avenues to it to make it glamorous. She made this routine monotonous job turn 180° and made it interesting. She did it when nobody else was in this space. Whether it was cookery classes or cookbooks, she led the way. Her roots were in vegetarianism and it goes to her complete credit that despite temptations and demand of this commercial world, she stuck to her roots and remained wedded only to vegetarian recipes. She had a business acumen and she kept adapting to the demands of the new world – be it TV shows, websites, videos or off late the Tarla Dalal App on mobiles.

She’s the first person from the culinary field in the country as recipient of Padmashri Honour of the Government of India. It speaks volume of her contribution in this field. I was fortunate to meet her on a few occasions and I always came back impressed with her humility and grounded approach. She was widely travelled and loved to discuss food about all parts of the world. All kinds of food excited her and there was nothing which she did not decide to convert into vegetarian options for the pre-dominantly vegetarian public of India.

She was my inspiration to write cookbooks and will be held as a special person in my life. Her contribution to the Indian culinary world will always be written in golden words and she will be remembered as a small, sweet, smiling, motherly, next-door lady always ready to dish-out something new, especially for you.

May her soul rest in peace.

2 thoughts on “May her soul rest in peace…

  1. mahuya chakrabarty

    Yeh janke bahut achchha laga Sirji! Knowing about Your inspiration is really means great, where as from long before…now-a-days and in future You are and would always be the inspirations of innumerable hearts…that love cooking and being humble as you are! It’s a very special feeling knowing about the Great lady..the inspiration of our Sanjeev Kapoor Ji. 🙂


    Tarla Dalal had an ability to connect at a different level with people. Her simplicity and humbleness was loved by all, and she lives in our hearts forever..RIP.

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