The royal city of Jodhpur

Off late, I have been travelling to different parts of the country to do a series of live events with Dainik Bhaskar. Doing live events is always great, because it lets me interact with my fans on a one on one basis! I can feel the energy and love from these people when I am cooking on stage and this is what makes the entire experience beautiful! The event at Jodhpur on 25th June was one such affair. Jodhpur is a beautiful city with a rich and royal cultural heritage. It is known as “the sun city” because of the sunny weather it has year long. I have always liked Rajasthan because it proudly flaunts its tradition and customs like no other place and experiencing it firsthand is a pleasure! They say pictures speak a thousand words, so I am going to let the pictures do the talking for this blog post.

I arrived at Jodhpur International airport and already felt like a royal. 
Even the airport looks like a palace!
     The event was held at the beautiful Amargarh Resort
The flier for the event
The most important part of a live event is the crowd. The people of Jodhpur were a great audience. I had a blast doing this event because the people were so full of energy and enthusiasm. The people, mostly women, exceeded way more than the expected count. We had to put up giant screens in an adjacent hall just to accommodate more people.
The set up for the live show
The Event Venue – after!
Me doing what I do best – cooking! I made a few vegetarian recipes, with a twist. Pav Bhaji Martini, Baked Chillies with Soya Sauce, Eggless Brownies, Golgappa Espresso Shots, Honey Chilli Potatoes, Methi Chaman Biryani and Pesto Pizza were on the list and judging by the reactions from the crowd I think they went pretty well.
Work in progress – cooking up a storm
Post the event we took a 20 minute very interesting car ride to Umed Chowk for dinner at Hotel Raas Haveli. On our way there we halted to see the Ghanta Ghar or clock tower at Girdikot.
The Clock Tower
We went past Sardar Market at Girdikot at night. It is right next to the Clock tower. During the day this place is bustling with activity and you can buy anything from spices, traditional Rajasthani clothes, silver ware, puppets, household items and a list of other things from here.
Sardar Market

Raas Mahal – Like in other cases throughout Rajasthan, Raas Haveli too is a palace that has now been turned into a luxury hotel. They take the food eating experience to a completely new level. The entire place is dark and you are given a little torch to read the menu. The gorgeousness of the meal and the non availability of lighting resulted in very few pictures.

 View from our dinner table at Raas Haveli
Meal at Ras haveli
We went for traditional Rajasthani dishes – laal Maas, gatte ki sabzi, ker sangri, dal bati churma etc. eaten with different types of breads and rice preparations. This meal ended with a pan rasmalai which is a perfect blend of the delectable flavors of a paan infused in a creamy ras malai! Words cannot do justice to these flavors and this experience!
Laal maas, Gatte ki Sabzi, Ker sangri
Paan Rasmalai
The next morning we went to see Mehrangarh Fort which is one of the largest forts in the country. You can see it at quite a distance. The sheer size and splendid architecture can blow your mind.  Everything in and about the fort has an interesting historical fact or stories of rajputana valor related to it. I was also told that a certain section of the Batman movie – The Dark Knight Rises was shot around the fort. The artillery and artifacts that are thousands of years old, the beauty of the rooms, the temple built inside the fort, the passages, the intricacies in the design of the fort and everything about it marveled me.
On my way to Mehrangarh Fort.
The pathway to walk up the fort
At Mehrangarh Fort
The Fort has an interesting historical fact or stories
The sheer size and splendid architecture
A map of the surroundings
A cannon at Mehrangarh Fort

Age old Artifacts
The walk up and around the fort can be pretty tiring, but you don’t realize it because there is so much to see and hear. Plus the view from the top is totally worth it. The houses around are all painted blue and the view they create from the top of the fort is why Jodhpur is also known as “The Blue City”. It looks so splendid that I just couldn’t stop myself from clicking away.
 View of Gulab Sagar Lake
My stay at Jodhpur was about to end, but not before a stop at a sweet shop. I had to eat the imarti and mirchi wada which were being made fresh right in front of us. The ease, expertise and speed at which they set out platter after platter of Rajasthani farsan can come only with experience and guidance that is handed down generation after generation.
Draining out excess sugar
 Syrup from the Imarti
Mirchi Bada
Ready To eat – Imarti!

On my way back to the airport, I sat and soaked in the beauty and the charm of the city of Jodhpur and the joy of travelling on green traffic free roads. I also spotted this aged lady riding a moped – looking completely at ease with it and proving to us that age is just a number.

Green traffic free roads
 Aged lady riding a moped
I left Jodhpur, and landed back home only to
be welcomed by Mumbai Monsoons – experiencing the best of both worlds.

I am so glad that everything went well. The event was a success, the people of Jodhpur were so welcoming and hospitable and the food was great. All in all a royal experience that I will remember for a long time!

Till I write again.

Sanjeev Kapoor

2 thoughts on “The royal city of Jodhpur

  1. bhaktee yogesh jiandani

    Respected Sir,
    Its first time in so many years from the time i have been watching khana khazana i have read your articles on net.Food along with photography is an ideal combo.
    Cooking your receipies from the time i am at home gives me immense satisfaction.

    You are an excellent cook and the best part of your cooking is majority of ingredients are always available.
    Just wishe to share, my 3 year old son knows your name and knows you cook on TV.

    All the best for future.
    Thanks and regards

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