Ever wondered how 200 calories look like in various food items?

Foodies would love this, or for a very simple reason, might hate this post as well as it can shock you with the reality! A true foodie, not bothering about how much calorie he/she is consuming, eats away anything and everything gloriously! But when it comes to the consequences of the increasing waist lines and that paunch, then there is a worry! After all not everyone is blessed with an absolute amazing metabolism, which would keep them in shape without much of a fuss, no matter how much goes in!

Taking into consideration these facts, this post very attractively through illustrations will show you how much you are taking in and in what form, and how much you should cut down to lose that extra inch. As such, calculating calories is in fashion these days. People are too conscious about their health and the kind of food they eat. So, it becomes absolutely necessary for us to understand the portion size of the food we eat and how much calorie it contains.

Every individual requires certain calories according to the body weight, height and kind of physical activity they do. Hence, a good knowledge about the calories you are consuming will help you manage your weight and avoid over eating.

We often think that lower the weight of a food, lower is the calorie content. But this is not always true in most of the cases. Believe it or not! By the end of this article, I am sure you will be able to understand that it is both the calorie count and the weight of a particular food on which the overall health factor depends.

To generalize, the article gives you an information on how 200 calories actually look like in different food items which include individual ingredients as well as the most popular and common recipes that are a part of an average Indian’s day-to-day life.

Go on, watch and read carefully! Can be an absolute shocker!

Too blunt to be true, isn’t it? Are you ready to watch that calorie count of yours?
All the best!
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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