Vrats – the logical way!

That time of year has already begun when we, especially Indians, indulge in some hardcore fasting or vrat rules, and most of which is usually to please the God. The navratras, like always, have set the trend which will go till the end of the year with various other festivals of different religions. I really wonder how people can associate a particular time and day to please the God – isn’t it that if the almighty is there, looking after us and taking care, we should be thankful to him all 365 days and why only for 9 days? Instead of doing so, we actually nurture the mean human nature by keeping fasts and vrats on festivals, without even giving it a logical thinking as to why we actually do them. Even God doesn’t want us to starve and keep him happy, he wants us to be wise and keep our bodies, minds and souls pure, fresh and healthy. We should eat food not too less and nor too much, commonly termed as ‘yukta aahar’ and eating simple, nutritious and pure food even when not fasting is what is preached by the Bhagvad Gita as well.

Fasting or keeping vrats, according to me is all a part of applying self-discipline as the season changes. Scientifically speaking, our body constantly requires cleansing and detoxification, which, generally goes ignored by us humans due to the rustle-bustle of our daily lives, or I would put it this way that by nature, we humans are actually not disciplined. Thus, these vrats, in the name of God are doing nothing but helping us clean our systems in all possibilities and the most by consuming the right type of food. The message is simple – eat these particular foods and eat them at the right time, this is what was started long ago by our gurus and is still followed. To which the logic is simple – if there will be fear in the minds of the people in the form of Godly rituals, the right thing will be done at any cost! Body digestion processes are related to change of season, and most of the religions provide all the right reasons to indulge in a particular type of food at the right time, which help detoxify our bodies in the long run.

Look at this fasting thing in a practical way – getting food items, cooking them, eating them and finally digesting the food is a nonstop process in a human being’s life. Not to forget that all these activities also take up a lot of our energy and time. Food, though it provides us with energy, is not always good as certain foods do make our minds dull and agitated. So, simply to revitalize the minds, these fasting days come as a saviour by making us conserve our energy by eating light and simple food. Also, our bodies have a limit to tolerate any or all types of food and vrats are the best way to give a break and rest to the digestive system as well as the entire body. Most of the vrats call for vegetables and fruits in the diets, and I think it is absolutely necessary for the body to cater to these needs also and not just keep on indulging in our favourite foods all the time! Also, according to the tridosha theory of Ayurveda, our health is a result of the balance between the vata (air), pitta (fire) and kapha (earth and water). So, when we fast with a special diet on particular days, it helps in the health and wellbeing of the entire body by bringing nutritional balance.

Summing it all up, be it the Hindu navratras or the Jain paryushans or the Catholic Lent or the Muslim rozas – whatever religion the fast or vrat belong to, there is always a literal and scientific meaning attached to these which should be the reason for us to apply them as and when required as it only helps in adding to the betterment of our bodies. On the other hand, let me ask you a very simple question – will you still keep these vrats if there were no Godly rituals attached to them? If it’s the fear of God which makes us keep these vrats so appropriately and that all the non-doable things can be kept away by instilling this fear – then, can we apply the same logic in keeping mobile phones away? Why not introduce a ‘mobile vrat’ time in each month and be a part of it?

Well, on a lighter note, give a thought about this…because I would really be interested in knowing what you all have to say about this! But, do enjoy some of the recipes from http://www.sanjeevkapoor.com that I’m sharing with you all –

Vrat ki Kadhi 
Kootoo Ke Aate Ki Puri 
Adrak Navratan

Tell me about the dishes you made this navrata!

Happy fasting!

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