Baking with tiny tots!

What a day it must have been for my team members to spend a day at Mini Mehra’s “Miniland Playgroup Nursery” in Juhu with all the teeny-weeny ones. Since past twelve years my team has been having a baking day over here and they did have a baking session there today. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, Chef Sheetal Kadam and Priyanka Bose went there to be a part of the Baker’s Day.

Tiny tots, they are such a delight, love the fact that they get to mix batters, make a mess, lick the bowls and then watch them bake! Amidst sweet nursery rhymes and the colourful interiors, the young ones had a “cookie baking” session with my team, all the fun way! Mix the batter, roll the cookies and pop into the microwave to bake. Then the cookies were dipped in chocolate and decorated with colourful balls, and voila! Cookies were done. The young ones had the flour all over them and half of the chocolate went inside their small tummies before the cookies were finally done! It must have been messy for sure, but whenever its kids, it’s sure to be super exciting! Also, the teachers do enjoy this special treat and love to judge which of the small kids has an inclination toward food and cooking!

Sharing a few pictures of the entire enjoyment of the lil’ brats, for more check out my fan page on Facebook.

Bakers Day1 Bakers Day4
 Bakers Day2Bakers Day3

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor


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